Building the Business Case for Omnichannel

ODYNS CX products for Omnichannel services

Omnichannel is rapidly transforming customer engagement from self-service to assisted service. With the rapid rise of the Web, mobile and social media, empowered customers are increasingly leveraging self-service over multiple channels when it’s offered. While most all companies can support multiple channels today, they typically manage them in silos resulting in a fragmented customer experience, missed sales opportunities and reduced operational efficiency.

The Multi-channel Challenge: We’re all aware that customers engage with companies in multi-channel and cross-channel journeys that pause and resume over time. Without a unified approach to managing the customer experience (CX), adding more channels can do more harm than good. With multiple point solutions deployed, it’s very hard to consistently manage the customer’s experience across self-service and assisted-service channels. Customers are frustrated when they transition from self- to assisted service and have to start over to explain their needs, and agents are frustrated when they lack the knowledge and context to deliver low effort experiences.

The Omnichannel PathForward From a sales and service perspective, it’s critical to deliver seamless, consistent and personalised customer interactions across channels and across the full lifecycle of customer journeys. Omnichannel customer engagement combines multimodality (supporting multiple channels within a single interaction), orchestration (linking interactions into step by step workflows), and journey management (proactively designing orchestrating, monitoring and tuning customer journeys) to provide great customer experiences with compelling business outcomes.

Omnichannel self-service is far more dynamic than traditional self service and transitions seamlessly to assisted service, taking into account the history, preferences and next best actions for each and every customer. Multimodality further complements the presentation of information in one channel with help from another. With the rising differentiation of customer experience, today’s multiple fronts for customer engagement (the contact centre, web, mobile, social, marketing, sales, front office and back office) are unifying into a single system of engagement. This system serves as an “always on” perpetual engagement engine spanning previously siloed touchpoints to manage end-to-end customer journeys. The ODYNS Customer Experience Product enables your company to embrace omnichannel engagement for competitive advantage by proactively managing previously random journeys (resulting in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales), segmenting and migrating low value customers to low cost channels, and improving contact centre interaction efficiency.

Omnichannel Customer Experience in Action: In an omnichannel world, a customer can start a product inquiry via a mobile app or the company website while also calling into the contact centre. With omnichannel awareness, your company can personalise the customer, their preferences, their recent digital channel interactions and of previous engagement history. You can further join voice and digital sessions together to deliver a rich multimodal experience via co-browsing, video or visual assistance.


Improve customer satisfaction 15% through consistent, personalized engagement across all channels. Managing customer interactions in context of the full relationship and active customer journeys is proven to enhance customer satisfaction.

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