# 52 Biosphere 2 Tucson Arizona

This Biosphere is one wild place. Made in the late 80’s as a sealed experimenter inside the sphere! The first mission was in 91 where 8 people were sealed in for 2 years. The Sphere was not producing enough oxygen so they had to start pumping some in which canceled the whole sealed aspect but still and interesting experiment.Walking around I got the feeling this may have been more of a doomsday experiment to see if people could live in there if Y2k went wrong. Also this place seems like a powder keg ready to go. A college owns it now and they probably don’t have the same money and the place is huge machines, pumps, and energy. A lot of the glass pains meant to seal them in are cracking, there is painting needing to be done. If you want to see this place get there soon.

This is a video of The Lung inside the Biosphere. The sphere is sealed and the sun heats up all the glass causing the air inside to expand which could explode the sphere. At night the air outside cools which could implode the sphere. This lung regulates the pressure and is very impressive.