# 2 Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia is a ghost town that was once a coal mining town. A coal mine fire started in 1962 and burns to this day. By the 1980’s the population had dwindled to 1000. Now there are 10 residents left who refuse to leave. They worked out a deal with the state that says when they die their homes will be taken by eminent domain. In 1992 the town was condemned and zip code taken away. I guess mail delivery there is slow but the taxes must be pretty low.

It was close to sunset when I got there which magnified the eeriness. Also my ride leading up to Centralia was just farm land and Texas Chainsaw style abandoned houses. Walking around the town was very cool. There are sidewalks, streets, and phone polls. The wires on the phone polls are all fraying and peeling off. You can look down the road and see what was once blocks and blocks of homes and side streets but now there are just overgrown empty lots. I drove around some of the roads but did not go in too deep. I could have spent the entire day here but I left when it was dark due to being scared.

I also drove into the coal mine because Google told me to. I went deeper and deeper and finally decided this was crazy and turned around. Thank god I have four wheel drive because getting back up was tough.