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Deep within the ETHBerlin Zwei dungeon, dekan brown exclaimed with a Club-Mate-induced fervor:

“DAOHaus Bauhaus!”

“Wtf is DAOHaus??”, we asked ourselves.

We certainly believe DAOs are the future of coordination and resource allocation, but also a primitive of future social networking. What is a DAO but a group of aligned individuals, really? Humans should be able to spin up a DAO easy as a Facebook group, and get coordinating. As members of multiple DAOs ourselves (👹 Moloch, MetaCartel, Odyssy, …), we followed this line of thinking into a product focused on the social aspects and interoperability of DAOs and their members. This is DAOHaus!


If we want to get non-technical people actually using them, we need to make it much MUCH MUCH easier to discover, summon, and join DAOs.

Current Moloch DAO deployment and onboarding ist scheisse.

Have you tried launching a Moloch DAO?

Yea probably not. We have and trust us, you’d probably agree the process is not really suited for an average bagholder, let alone normies.

Enter DAOHaus =>

Hacked (and memed) into existence at ETHBerlin by the Odyssy team (team behind Pokémol, the mobile-first Moloch frontend), DAOHaus aims to be the easiest DAO discovery and deployment tool, as well as the beginning of a social network for DAOs. Consider it an experiment in mass DAO distribution. We want to see what humans use DAOs for, and design and build to enhance their purpose and coordination.

Making launching a DAO as easy as 1, 2, 3.

In DAOHaus, you can discover and pledge to existing Moloch DAOs, as well as summon your own. Simply open the website, browse through the existing DAOs or launch your own. To launch your own DAO, you just need to set a few parameters such as default token and voting period length, and click Summon!

Explore the Haus of Moloch

Easily browse and explore all DAOs using the Moloch framework. Drill down into a DAO to see its’ Members. You can view a Member’s profile to see other DAOs they are a part of. We’ll add more DAO metrics over time, such as Guild Bank Value, Member voting power, etc.

Pledge to Join a DAO

If you want to join a DAO, you can Pledge to become a Member straight from DAOHaus. We’ll step you through preparing your tribute, and the DAO will vote to approve or reject your Membership.

Summon a DAO

Summoners can choose to go through easy mode (normies) or hard mode (power users) where they select a tribute currency, a few other basic config options, and launch their own Moloch DAO ready to receive Pledges. We’re looking to auto-deploy a simple frontend (One-Click-DAO style) for instantaneous coordination. For now, feel free to use Pokémol or ask Odyssy for assistance in getting a frontend up for your DAO.

Launching a Moloch previously

Launching a DAO is no longer a painful process.

DAOHaus demo from ETHBerlin.

Explore the Haus of Moloch. Summon or Pledge to one today.

Or else,

Come hang on our Telegram.

How we built dis?

DAOHaus cakestack

Moloch DAO smart contracts for starters obviously. Then, a simple stack of React, Web3, 3Box, and Serverless APIs. Our core team was able to handle the product design and dev, so we added a Memelord and the Master of Ceremony to complete the DAOHaus team.

Now what?

Well, in the coming days we’re gonna run through bugfixes and beautify the whole thing, but then onto a bigger fish.

Pump the DAOHaus into a full-featured DAO social network, including one-click DAOs.

  • Moloch DAOs are simple and user-friendly, but are just one ‘theme’ of DAO frameworks. We’ll look to explore other DAO frameworks and integrations as well as more configuration options for Summoners.
  • After Summoning a DAO, auto deploy a PokéMol frontend (https://github.com/odyssy-automaton/pocket-moloch)
  • More 3box integrations for more wow social interactions
  • DAO chats, and DAO to DAO interactions
  • Much visual and UX improvements
  • With hundreds/thousands of Moloch DAOs deployed, there will be significant design-thinking required to make this ecosystem human-readable, and that problem is one of our main targets to solve.
  • DAOHaus Parties, obvz. DAOHaus will be a core part of the MetaGame’ stack, more info soon.
DAOHaus is but one of many building blocks…

Of course it’s all part of the bigger picture view - of which DAOHaus is but one of many building blocks. In the coming days we’ll be letting you guys know about the next steps for the DAOHaus. Until then, enjoy …

Like what we about?

If you have some DAOstack rep, go vote for our proposal.

If not,

Thank us later ;)

Also, here’s this just because:

DAOHaus — EthBerlin Zwei EZ Remix



Full Stack Design & Development for the Blockchain and Beyond — oddysy.io


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Full Stack Design & Development for the Blockchain and Beyond — oddysy.io

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