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Introducing the first fully online Spanish Course at UH

posted by Taylor Fayle

Yesterday we recorded a video with two doctoral students in UH’s Hispanic Studies department. Laura Gasca Jiminez and Allison Yakel are passionate about second language acquisition and the sociolinguistics of Spanish in the US, but they also have a love for teaching, especially online. So it was natural when Dr. Alejandra Balestra, Director of the Spanish Language Program, took on the project of bringing Spanish 2610 to an online audience that she would tap Allison and Laura to teach it.

Introduction for UH’s first fully online Spanish course.

As UH’s first foray into teaching a foreign language online, Jimenez and Yakel definitely have their work cut out for them. However, as you can tell by their welcoming demeanor and extremely organized course, they are going to do everything they can to ensure their students’ success.

We hope to invite Laura and Allison back to this space and talk with them about the opportunities, challenges, and other lessons learned about teaching language online.

To learn more about the UH Spanish Language Program, visit their website:

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