Murder | Robbery | Unsolved Mysteries

In 1991, a faceless robber killed four unarmed guards and stole nearly $200,000 before evading justice.

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Blood found in one of the most unlikely of places raises all the questions.

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Paranormal Puzzles | Train Wrecks

After disaster struck, one victim’s family receive multiple phone calls over several hours.

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Paranormal Puzzles

The tale of a mysterious handprint left behind after a firefighter died on the job in 1924.

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Case Closed | Final Frames

A young man vanishes after bizarrely withdrawing hundreds of dollars while out past midnight to deposit a paycheck.

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A Stranger Kidnaps Baby

A teen mother befriended by a stranger has her baby stolen days later in a cold case decades-old.

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Best friends Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley mysteriously go missing while on a late-night drive.

The Missing Girls

  • Stacie Elisabeth Madison was born on June 17, 1970. At the time of her disappearance, 17-year old Stacie was working as a receptionist in an allergist’s office with plans of studying business at the University of North Texas. She also worked a second part-time job and earned above-average grades. Her car was a 1967 Ford Mustang, painted in the green and gold colors symbolic of her’s…

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How far could the brain go to save itself?

The Background of "Patient AB"

Of Misdeeds and Mysteries

Crimes and Enigmas

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