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The PCube Post — First Volume

Of Poetry and People Newsletter #1

Arundhati Thakur
Mar 15 · 3 min read

We announced the take-off of our publication ‘of Poetry and People’ proudly on 7th March 2021. It has been a joy to add amazing poets, read all the beautiful submissions, and welcome new readers to the pub! I, as the editor, couldn’t be any happier to see my favourite poets show love and appreciate the efforts put into creating this space.

A clarification — ‘PCube’ stands for the three P(s) we feature in our pub: Poetry, People and Places. The name of our Publication and the logo could be changed sometime in the next month to accommodate all the three P(s) in a manner that showcases what we’re about clearly.

Most of the older posts on the pub were made inconsistently by me when I ran this as an individual project. Since making it open to accepting submissions, we have had a few poems published here. Check them out if you haven’t already!

A Mindful Sunday by Arundhati

“It is time that we admit that we have been slackers for most of our lives. Weekdays are sometimes incredibly hectic and blood-sucking awful, and the Sundays go in vain. Waking up late is what Sundays are for, right? Skipping breakfast, not showering, binging Netflix, detoxing after Saturday shenanigans or putting away that book for another day. Its what keeps us going through the rest of the weekdays — all this time to do nothing.” Read More

Our Growing Writing Team

We welcomed ten new writers to our community, who are nothing less than amazing, talented poets I truly admire.

Michael Ranjitsingh, Aaron Quist, Mike Scarpiello, Ulf Wolf, Renee Podunovich, Kevin E. Pittack Jr., FILZA CHAUDHRY, James G Brennan, Mrs. Capricious, Shalini C

We hope to read more from you in the coming days! :)

Finally, we want to thank our followers /readers, who keep us motivated and provide their valuable feedback for us to improve. Please keep reading and supporting our publication and writers :)

Of Poetry and People

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