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You Need a VPN Now!

May 29 · 5 min read

What does a VPN do?

To explain how a VPN works in Laymen’s terms, a VPN basically just protects you from any external source (hackers, the Government, etc…) trying to spy on what you’re doing, while you browse the web and perform your daily tasks.

Historical and Present functionality of a VPN.

What have VPNs been used for in the past?

Over the years, people have used VPNs or Virtual Private Networks for a number of different reasons. In the beginning, a VPN was mainly focused toward allowing you to access your devices over the VPNs connection without necessarily being on the same network connection.

What are VPNs being used for in the modern era?

Now, If we were tunnel forward 😅 to the modern day usage of VPN’s, I don’t think anybody would be surprised to their use, as we’re constantly being bombarded with VPN commercials advertising this.

Future of VPNs?

I can’t say for sure the definitive future of VPNs, sorry, but I can say that we’ll most likely see a few changes geared in the direction of:

  • More support on current devices
  • Better software and methods of blocking VPNs (especially in schools and workplaces)

You Need a VPN!!!

As we saw from the recent progression of VPNs, we saw that they are evolving and being developed with the main focus surrounding individual use.

Targeted Ads

Have you ever went on a shopping spree on Amazon, and then went browsing on the web?


This is where a VPN would come in.

Public Wi-Fi

Everyone has heard the age old saying that says something like “Don’t access your banking information on public Wi-Fi sonny!”


Again, this is where a VPN would come in handy.


As we can see from the transformation VPNs have made over the last few years, we know that they are evolving to do things that they were never intended, nor really created to do.

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