Profile: Anna P.

Fellows Leader / Philadelphia, PA

Anna is a rock star. Well, OK, not literally, but she does make you want to cheer for her when she comes on stage.

While Anna had made the decision to step away from her career in order to focus on her family, she soon found herself working with other families like hers to advocate for children with disabilities and developmental challenges. Anna views her advocacy work not only as an investment in her children, but in her community as well. And so when she came across a post from OFA looking for mentors to coach new organizers, something clicked — and she got involved with the OFA Fellows Leaders program. Anna realized then that if she truly wanted to create a better world for her children, she would need to walk the walk and back up her values with action and work towards empowering new organizers to carry on the fight alongside her.

Today, she’s still focused on building long-term organizing power by mentoring and helping new organizers develop the skills they’ll need to make that better world a reality for all.