Profile: Brock D.

Fellows Leader / Oshkosh, WI

“My strongest organizing belief is that personal stories engage neighbors the best.”

He may still be in high school, but Brock is already an experienced community organizer and one of Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s upcoming leaders in advocating for affordable health care and gun violence prevention, among many other progressive issues in his community.

Brock first got interested in issue-focused advocacy and community activism after seeing first-hand the consequences of budget cuts to public schools in Wisconsin after 2011. The very programs that had challenged him to learn and grow beyond the classroom had been almost completely cut, and seeing teachers asked to pay out-of-pocket for basic classroom supplies like scissors, calculators, and colored pencils pushed Brock into action. So when an OFA application for the Community Engagement Fellowship came across his Facebook feed, Brock jumped at the opportunity with the intention of organizing a local rally for public education, followed by phone-banking to local officials for support.

But Brock’s passion for organizing was rooted even deeper than just a concern for the classroom. After dealing with a serious heart condition in December 2016, Brock realized how important the fight to protect the Affordable Care Act would be, not just for himself, but for tens of millions of Americans. He’s been speaking out and organizing on the importance of protecting access to quality, affordable health coverage ever since.

Today, Brock is a Fellows Manager with OFA. “As a young person, I find that my peers care a lot about the issues that OFA [supporters] advocate for,” he says. “But they struggle to stay involved … My desire is to get more young people involved for as long as possible by helping them share their personal story, more effectively engage their neighbors, and organize successful events through community and digital outreach.”

Keep an eye out for Brock — this organizer’s got big dreams and he’s already doing great things in Wisconsin.