Changing the rules

By Senator Tammy Duckworth, Illinois

Early this year, I shared some exciting news: I’m pregnant with a baby girl!

I couldn’t be more excited, but being pregnant again has me reflecting on the challenges of being a working mom.

I’m not the first woman to juggle her family and her career — millions of women do it every day — and they’re not getting the support they deserve. There aren’t enough jobs that offer paid parental leave. Affordable child care is hard to come by. It’s clear that we’re not doing enough to help working families, and it’s hurting our country.

We need a better understanding of the connection between family-friendly legislation and our economic well-being.

We need real paid family leave because it’ll be better for all of us, and for our country if we do.

We have to keep pushing for an economic agenda that includes a real plan for women and families — especially those who can’t afford to take a day off.

It’s long past time for us to get serious about the challenges working mothers across the country face every day.

Like many working moms, I know how tough the demands of motherhood and having a career can be — but my daughters only make me more committed to the work ahead.

The bottom line: no one should have to choose between starting a family and getting a paycheck.

Stand up for working women and families — get to work with OFA.


Senator Tammy Duckworth