Dreams from my Mother

By Gina Ortiz Jones, Democratic Nominee, Texas’ 23rd District

A decade ago, I was stationed in Iraq as an Air Force intelligence officer, proudly serving the country I love and defending its sacred values.

Thirty years before that, Victorina Ortiz had immigrated to the U.S. to pursue 
opportunities that were out of reach in her birthplace. She raised my sister and me by herself, working two jobs and instilling in us, through her own remarkable example, what the American Dream was all about.

My mother is still my rock, and my role model. I emulate the characteristics that define her — her love for family and for country, her unwavering work ethic and unshakeable faith, and her commitment to expanding opportunity for others.

The immigration policies that this administration are enforcing today run counter to everything my mother taught me. Separating children from their parents or indefinitely detaining them is a brutal, inhumane practice, and I’m committed to fighting it.

The America my mother taught me, the nation I fought for, is made exceptional by its empathy.

That’s why it brings me such pain to watch this administration enact a policy that rips kids out of the arms of their mothers and fathers and places them in tents and cages. To indefinitely detain families would hardly be better. I weep for these children. I ache for their parents.

It hits especially hard for me here in Texas’s 23rd District, which includes an 800-mile stretch of border.

Our district is also home to thousands of DREAMers who have been living in limbo as Republicans in Congress have failed to protect them. These are bright young Americans who are already teaching in our schools and serving in our military.

I refuse to accept this vision of our nation. My own family’s American story refutes such cynicism.

Stand with me in rejecting these policies and embracing the values upon which this great country was built.

Thank you,

Gina Ortiz Jones
Democratic Nominee, Texas’ 23rd District