“I will not be quiet.”

By Debbie L., Bloomington, IL (IL-13)

This administration doesn’t understand how devastating repealing Obamacare would be for families like mine. Here’s my story: In April, my husband was laid off from his long-time career, and lost his health insurance. He has stage four chronic kidney disease — stage five is dialysis. Right now he’s holding at stage four, and we’re hoping he’ll stay there for a long time. Because without quality, affordable health insurance, how are we going to get him dialysis? He will need it in order to live.

He just got covered again through the Obamacare marketplace. He’ll be able to keep seeing his in-town doctor, and it’s affordable insurance. But if this administration and their allies in Congress — including our representative, Rodney Davis, who voted in favor of the House’s repeal bill — succeed in their efforts, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. If people like us don’t have money for treatments and medications, what are we going to do? My husband has to have insurance — that’s the bottom line.

So we’ve been emailing and calling Rep. Davis’ office. I couldn’t hold back the tears when I got his intern on the line. We even attended a protest outside his office. We’re doing what we can, signing petitions, spreading awareness, getting media attention. We even held a “die-in” — we’re letting him know that there are real, life-or-death consequences for repealing this law.

I will not be quiet. My husband’s life depends on Obamacare — and we have to keep doing all we can to support those in danger of losing their coverage.

Originally published at www.ofa.us.

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