It’s not too soon, it’s too late

By Congressman Ted Deutch, FL-22

After the tragedy in Parkland one month ago, a lot of people have told our community that it’s too soon. It’s too soon to talk about politics. It’s too soon to talk about preventing another tragedy like this from happening again.

It is not too soon. It’s too late.

It’s too late for the 17 lives that were lost. It’s too late for the grieving families, too late for the injured, too late for the 3,300 survivors of this tragedy.

We have to act, and we have to act right now. Because for members of the Parkland community, doing nothing is not acceptable.

They’re stepping up. For weeks we’ve watched as parents, teachers, and staff have shared heartbreaking stories and engaged in a dialogue to work toward finding common ground.

These kids, and the people of Parkland, are the definition of courage. And while they’re speaking out to demand better they deserve our support.

We’re reminded far too often, including far too many times in just the first couple months of this new year, that the United States is the only country where this happens.

But we can act. We can change the conversation and reverse the tide, right now.

The students, parents, teachers, and community of Parkland have set an example for all of us. They’ve changed this debate, and it’s up to us to support them.

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