By U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, Illinois

If they are successful at repealing this law, Obamacare’s opponents are gambling with the lives of millions of Americans and people who have honorably served their country.

One of those lives belongs to Robin Schmidt, a Veteran from the north side of Chicago who served during Desert Storm.

In 2007, Robin was diagnosed with cancer. She had health insurance — but insurance companies were not required to cover chemotherapy before Obamacare, and she and her family were forced to pay out-of-pocket for her care.

Her treatments ran into the tens of thousands of dollars, and as costs grew and grew, Robin soon had to choose between her medical costs and her mortgage payments.

That all changed with Obamacare.

Insurance companies had to cover Robin’s medications and treatments. Her insurance premiums went from $1,600 a month for herself to just $300 a month for her entire family.

If Obamacare is repealed, Robin is terrified that she will once again become uninsurable because of her pre-existing condition.

Robin’s story is heartbreaking, and she’s just one among the millions of Veterans who would be impacted by Obamacare’s repeal.

This bill specifically puts them on the chopping block.

Our Veterans are at a higher risk of serious health issues because of the sacrifices they made for our nation, and ripping away one key way they get their care to give tax cuts to the wealthiest among us is not just “mean,” it’s completely unacceptable. I have been a public servant for nearly my entire life, and when I ran for the Senate last year, I swore that I would go to Washington and champion the working families and Veterans of our country.

Obamacare has given peace of mind and security to tens of millions of people, and we have to defend it with everything we’ve got. Add your name with OFA, and say that you will:

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Originally published at www.ofa.us.