Profile: Mohammed N.

OFA Fellow / New York City, NY

“There we were, 12 folks from all different backgrounds, of all different ages — both professionally and culturally — but we were [there] for the same reason; to build the kind of community, and city, and state, and nation that we could be proud of.”

Mohammed is an organizer and public speaker who has devoted his life to serving marginalized communities and the impoverished. Raised in New York City, he has seen, firsthand, the pernicious cycle of incarceration, poverty, and domestic violence. Learning from his personal experiences and working to help others through difficult times, he has commanded stages alongside Nobel Peace Prize laureates, political leaders, and civic stakeholders, urging the need for laws that uphold gender and civil equality.

Mohammed completed his Community Engagement Fellowship in the spring of 2017, and has since moved on to become a Fellows Leader in both the summer and fall. His passion and dedication to collaborating with others to address tough issues is evident in the fellows he has trained, mentored, and worked alongside. When it comes to working hard to bring about a better future, Mohammed’s your guy.