OFA Launches Digital Ads After Senate Tax Vote


While most of the country was asleep this weekend, 51 senators voted to raise taxes on millions in the middle class, while slashing tax rates for billionaires and wealthy corporations. Many Americans woke up to the news of how their senator voted.

To ensure constituents see where their elected officials’ priorities lie, OFA has launched digital ads in 9 states. OFA and the rest of the grassroots movement will continue to hold senators accountable for this vote.

“Whether the 51 senators who voted for this bill made hay over the deficit, showed concern over health care, or took issue with the deterioration of the institution of the Senate in the past, they didn’t seem to mind a hastily scribbled piece of legislation that knocks 13 million people off of their health insurance — or the $1 trillion price tag that it came with. These senators will surely go home and wave the victory flag, but any so-called ‘win’ is coming at the expense of the people they claim to represent: Homeowners. College students. Middle-class families. We’ll make sure their constituents are hearing the truth,” said Jesse Lehrich, Communications Director.

Examples of the ads are below, as is the full list of senators whose constituents will receive them:

Sen. Collins (ME)
Sen. Cruz (TX)
Sen. Ernst (IA)
Sen. Flake (AZ)
Sen. Gardner (CO)
Sen. Heller (NV)
Sen. McCain (AZ)
Sen. Murkowski (AK)
Sen. Portman (OH)
Sen. Rubio (FL)

Originally published at www.ofa.us.

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