President Obama: There are no do-overs

Hi OFA Family! I wanted to make sure you saw this: President Barack Obama sent a note to OFA supporters about showing up for what we truly believe in. Check it out below and if you missed this email, make sure you sign up for OFA’s email list so you don’t miss the next one!

A little over a year ago, at my farewell address in Chicago, I asked you to believe. Not in a candidate, or a politician, or a party — in yourself. In your own ability to make a difference in your community and your country.

For eight years in the White House — and long before that — I’d seen it happen time and time again: ordinary people who got involved, stayed involved, and pushed for a better future in this country we love.

That’s how change happens. But it only happens if we invest in it.

After 2017, I believe that more deeply than ever. Our politics can seem so divided, angry, and full of cynicism. Yet in the past year, I’ve been inspired every day by those who accepted the responsibility of citizenship and pushed themselves to do amazing things.

I saw people like Kim Crawley, an OFA volunteer in Virginia, bravely share her story during the health care fight — of how, before Obamacare, her 13-month-old son Isaac was on the verge of being kicked off insurance as he went through surgery after surgery. She spoke up, and helped save health care for Isaac and millions of Americans.

I saw folks in South Carolina identify a problem with their town’s outdated, dangerous school buses — then roll up their sleeves, do some organizing, and get the statehouse to fund new buses for Charleston’s kids.

And I saw a new generation of young leaders grab clipboards, collect signatures, and decide to run for office themselves.

Sometimes your causes win. Sometimes they lose. But every single time that you show up and dive in, you make our democracy better.

That’s why we need to keep going in 2018 — because, more than ever, our democracy needs people to step up. Your support can make the difference.

There’s simply too much at stake this year. Every ballot measure, every election, every conversation on an issue we care about — it all matters.

There are no do-overs.

So we need people to be engaged, and not just for a minute in a voting booth.

Find a local ballot initiative to support. Learn how we can end gerrymandering. Talk to your friends about climate change. Volunteer for a campaign you believe in.

It won’t all be easy. But here’s what I can promise:

This work of being an active, engaged citizen can energize and inspire you like nothing else. And, more often than not, your faith in America — and in Americans — will be rewarded.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

You heard the Organizer in Chief — we don’t have a day to waste.

So if you believe in the ability of ordinary people to come together to create real, lasting change, we’re asking you to invest in this movement — either with your time volunteering with a local organization, or by chipping in whatever you can to help this movement and make 2018 a year of progress.