Profile: Robin S.

Campus Academy Coach / Wisconsin

“When the ACA was passed, it put me on a journey to make sure that more Americans who were like me could get access to health care.” — Robin S., veteran who served during Desert Storm and OFA volunteer

Robin has been a part of the OFA family since 2011. She’s a powerhouse — despite the many difficult challenges she’s faced, she has spent her life serving her country and her local communities.

An United States Army Veteran, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and struggled for years to afford health insurance or even get basic medical care to deal with her illness. It wasn’t until the passage of the Affordable Care Act that her medications were finally covered in full by insurance companies, and she could no longer be denied care because of her pre-existing conditions.

But just because she was finally covered, that didn’t mean that she was ready to kick back and relax. Robin continued to work tirelessly in order to help other Americans find quality and affordable health coverage as a Deputy Regional Director for Enroll America, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about enrollment options for the uninsured.

In the spring of 2017, Robin served as a Campus Coach to mentor young organizers through the Campus Organizing Academy. Through her experience, knowledge, and guidance, she’s helped college students and young adults find an avenue to get involved in community organizing and to turn their big ideas into concrete action.

Thanks, Robin — we’re so proud to have you by our side.