The facts:

By Eric H. Holder, Jr., 82nd Attorney General of the United States

November 6, 2018 is a make-or-break moment for our democracy.

If we don’t address the scourge of gerrymandering head-on in this election, we’ll face an entire decade of attacks on our voting rights, reproductive rights, and health care.

It could mean a long-term failure in our commitment to tackle climate change and address the threat of gun violence in our communities.

It just can’t be said enough: Our democracy is at a crossroads, and there is so much at stake this year. The good news is we have the momentum.

I’ve traveled all over the country this year to talk with voters one-on-one, and hosted calls with grassroots organizers across the nation. People are really starting to understand how gerrymandering fundamentally undermines our democracy.

And they’re standing up to demand a process that results in fair districts:

In Pennsylvania, when courts ordered the Republican-led state legislature to draw new maps, Governor Wolf and the people of the state stood up to ensure the new maps weren’t just as gerrymandered as the old ones.

In Arizona, we worked with our partners to successfully beat back a Republican attempt to make the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission more partisan.

And in Ohio, OFA and NDRC — led by so many of you — supported a reform initiative that will make the process of drawing districts less partisan. It passed with an overwhelming 75% of the vote.

So even though our challenge is great, it’s not insurmountable.

We’ve seen what happens when citizens make their voices heard, and when they ensure we have a government that matches our values. We need that kind of energy all over this country.

But it’s going to take all of us to get our democracy working again. Sign up with OFA today, and they’ll be in touch with ways you can get involved.