The most basic truth

By U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, MA-4

It is among the most basic human truths: Every one of us, some day, will be brought to our knees. By a diagnosis we didn’t expect, a phone call we can’t imagine, or a loss we cannot endure.

That common humanity inspires our mercy. It fortifies our compassion. It drives us to look out for the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the most vulnerable among us.

The House bill — a rushed and devastating piece of legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act — does the opposite.

The bill is more than just premiums and tax cuts. It is a cold and calculated world view: one that scapegoats the struggling and sees fault in suffering. It’s a world view that’s dead-set on dividing us based on whom we love, where we come from, the direction of our faith, and the size of our fortunes.

We see it in their tax plan, their budget cuts, their immigration policy, their assaults on civil rights — and yesterday, we saw it in their cruel health care plan.

We must reject it.

We must decide, instead, to take care of each other — because, but for the grace of God, we will all one day wake up in need of a little mercy.

This nation’s character has never been defined by the power we give the already strong, but by the strength we give the weak.

This is our ultimate test. And it starts right now. Stay involved in the fight to save health care for millions of Americans.

I’ll keep fighting.

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