Profile: Victoria W.

Fellows Leader / New York City, NY

“I knew that training was an essential part of equipping people to organize. So I had faith, I stuck with it, and although there were challenges, I pressed through. So here I am today — still doing it.”

Born and raised in New York City, Victoria embodies the confidence, resilience, and determination of a lifelong organizer. Even though she works full time, when the 2012 presidential election came around, Victoria decided to fully invest herself in a new hobby — organizing. As she began canvassing, knocking on doors, and registering voters over the weekends, she realized the importance of effective training and civic engagement — building real relationships and having personal conversations with people about what’s affecting them.

In the summer of 2013, Victoria kicked her organizing into high gear, first by becoming an OFA fellow and then by taking on a leadership role with the OFA-NY Bronx chapter that same year. More recently, she’s been volunteering as an OFA-NY Fellows Leader since the spring of 2016, helping to inspire and train the next generation of organizers. Now in her fourth cycle participating in the OFA fellowship programs, Victoria hasn’t lost that initial sense of inspiration and motivation that comes with helping others in her community find and use their voices. “I love it, it’s rewarding, and I encourage anyone who has a heart for organizing — who wants to see other people come into the fold and be a part of this movement — to become a part of the fellowship program,” she told us at the end of her last fellowship program.

While OFA works to provide the resources, training, and mentorship opportunities, it’s organizers like Victoria who are the driving force behind this movement.