We’re Organizing for ’18

By Organizing for Action

Since January 2017, our country has endured:

— a $1.9 trillion tax scam
 — constant sabotage of our health care
 — continued failure to act on gun violence
 — inaction to protect thousands of DREAMers living in limbo

The stakes couldn’t be higher in 2018 — and it’s time to take action. Today, we’re launching Organizing for ’18.

Every day between now and Election Day 2018, OFA volunteers will take strategic action across the country in three key areas:

First, we have to start by electing better representatives. We’ll hold reps accountable at the ballot box for advancing this administration’s most harmful policies, and we’ll elect leaders who will fight for our values. See if you live in one of the key districts we’re targeting.

We’ll also fight gerrymandering in states where we have a clear chance to make sure maps will be drawn fairly. Many of the lawmakers drawing maps in 2020 will be elected this year, and equal representation is crucial to building a more fair democracy. Learn more here.

Finally, we’ll take on statewide ballot initiatives where we can make an immediate impact — like expanding voting rights, fighting for clean energy, making health care more accessible, and more. See how you can get involved in a ballot measure in your state.

But all of this work won’t happen on its own. We need dedicated people across the country to join us — and that’s where Team ’18 comes in.

Team ’18 will bring together a nationwide network of experienced organizers, top-notch trainers, and passionate volunteers to give everyday Americans the tools they need to make the difference this year: trainings, support, leadership development, resources, and more.

This work starts now. We don’t have a day to waste until November 6.

We’re Organizing for ’18. Are you?