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Oct 8, 2015 · 3 min read

In this post we’re going to cover ways you can reduce your carbon impact on the enviroment. This will cover most things such as transport, fuel burning and even what sources of energy you could make use of in order to improve the enviroment a bit further.

Please keep in mind that this post is meant to be a guideline, and should not be religiously followed. We encourage you to find alternate ways if you disagree with what you read here, aswell as look for further ways to better the enviroment on your own!

First of is transport. Most of us are already used to using the car to work and to the stores. And that’s okay. It can make it much easier if traveling long distances.

However.. When it comes to short distances, we suggest using a bicycle in order to reach your destination. This is better for both your wallet, your body and the enviroment, as the bike is not only a one-time purchase and requires no fuel, it also serves as your daily exercise and can help you lose weight! And as an alternative to the car, you would be reducing your carbon output by several units. You’d already be on your way to being green!

Next up is rather important to us here at Off-Grid-Living.
Fuel Burning.
If you have a fireplace at home or something similar, you’re used to loading it up with wood, or even go as far as using coal to heat up your home. But as we all know, coal isn’t good for the enviroment, so here is some alternatives from us to you.

Instead of using whole woodlogs and coal, we suggest you use wooden pellets or similar fuels. They are made with the enviroment in mind, and they are an efficient way to keep a fire going without the green guilt from using fossil fuels. Plus, the pellets are getting cheaper, so your wallet won’t suffer from this change in heating!

And now for something that is close to our hearts.
Alternate sources of energy.

We know that it might seem expensive at first to upgrade your home with these power sources. But they are safe for the home, enviroment and your wallet!

The easiest kind of alternate energy for a private home is currently the solar panel. It is efficient, easy to maintain and can even be made by yourself! Cepending on where you live, the initial investment in a solar panel can be expensive. We’re talking about ten thousand dollars in average. HOWEVER. Once you have these things installed, you can save more than 400% of what you spent on them from your energy bill. Now how does that sound?

These are just some of the things you can do alone in order to help yourself and the enviroment. We ofcourse encourage you to look at other options,
if you think some of these won’t work out for you!

Off-grid living

A simplistic guide to living green in modern society.

Off-Grid Living

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VUC Syd 2.M

Off-grid living

A simplistic guide to living green in modern society.

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