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Off-Grid Living
Oct 7, 2015 · 4 min read

In this post we’re going to go over the possibilities and ecological aswell as economical benefits you can gain from this!

Returning to the earlier post about the three major questions concering going green and off-grid, we’re here to discuss the sacrificial question. What luxuries are you willing to give up, for the greater good of the climate and our globe?

A short list of things you could remove without (usually) causing major disturbances in your daily routine. Afterwards, we will tell you about some alternatives that you can make use of instead of these luxuries!

  • Television
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Lamps/Lights

Let’s start out with the television. It plays a major role in some people’s lives. We use it for entertainment aswell as for knowledge, most of us getting our news and pop culture references from them.

As a cheap alternative, we suggest using laptops and smartphones.
While they do indeed use electricity for charging, they use very little in comparison with even the most modern of televisions.

Next up is the washing machine. We all use it for washing clothes and most likely have a dryer attached to it. And that’s okay.

Most of us don’t consider the alternatives, so I will be brief and leave a few links in the comments that can explain it in greater depth than we feel is needed here.

An alternative for the washing machine can be the use of bathtubs or sinks. We suggest you boil some water on a gas cooker, and then fill a clogged sink or a bathtub with the water and some natural detergent and let it soak before you take over and scrub it yourself. Once its done, we suggest you hang the clothes up to airdry on the bathroom, terrace or balcony. However, please refrain from hanging the clothes outside during the winter months.

Following up is the dishwasher. Most of us have it in our homes and with good reason. It makes our life so much easier just being able to put the dishes away and forget about them until we feel the need to empty it again.

But sadly, like the washing machine, it takes a buttload of energy to power this thing. So, here’s a good alternative.

We suggest that you wash your dishes in a small plastic tub. Simply fill it with warm water. Grab a sponge and do the dishes one by one, and either have a partner dry it off once you’re done, or let it airdry on a scaffold. Instead of using a synthetic dishsoap, we suggest using a natural alternative.

The common household lamp and other electrical lightsources are deemed important to modern life. However, it is quite the energy consumer, as it is on for most of the night, and possibly day.

There are several ways you can reduce the energy used with the lamps and other lightsources, some are easy and others take some getting used to.

The easiest is ofcourse just replacing your regular lightbulbs with LED lights and just sit back and relax. But there is ofcourse the slightly harder solution. Simply pull the plugs out and disable the power from your fusebox. As an alternative, we suggest using candles for lighting. Not only is it cheap and very green, a dinner over candlelight can also be very romantic!

This is all the advice we can give for now on electricity. As “homework” for you all, I suggest looking through your home and see what you could go without for a few weeks/months, just to try it out and see what happens!

Off-grid living

A simplistic guide to living green in modern society.

Off-Grid Living

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VUC Syd 2.M

Off-grid living

A simplistic guide to living green in modern society.

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