Finding the Difference Between Life, Style, and Lifestyle in Sports

First of all, welcome! T There is a big question that needs to be answered from us going forward. What exactly is lifestyle in sports? It’s an interesting question, but it’s all about how you view celebrity culture and what a celebrity is.

A celebrity in my view is any person that people want to have a more in-depth look at their lives while that access remains consensual. This definition can range to any sort of person. People in the entertainment industry, politics, religion, science, art and of course, sports. Sports offers a very easy transition into celebrity culture. Most professional athletes are celebrities due to the vast amount of people they put their skills in front of as well as the amount of time they spend in front of people. If one minor league baseball player is allowed to start and play a full nine innings for 4 games straight, he is playing in front of, on average, 50,000 people a night for 3–4 hours a game. It’s also important to take into account that player playing well and getting more chances. He can go from 100 instagram followers to 18,000 in a few weeks just from literally doing his job. Very few other professionals are able to put themselves in front of that many people on that consistent basis. Add onto that a fun sense of humor and that athlete can reach 100,000s of people on a consistent basis. Accessing that market in a way that’s fun and interactive can be incredibly difficult, but very valuable. Athlete endorsements can change whole companies and the right media company if the content is good enough.

The title of this blog can be decieving at first, but I promise it makes sense. The life and style of an athlete are different than the lifestlye he portrays. People can’t live the lives of athletes and while they can replicate their styles, it remains the athletes’. HOWEVER, their lifestyle can be easily displayed through their own actions. Their lifestyle is the image they show the world as well as the different intricacies in their lives. People want a level of intimacy with these athletes that I don’t think is available with other celebrities. Sports are different then other forms of entertainment. It changes DAY TODAY. The spectrum of sports is completely altered by one 3 hour block of games every single day. It allows for a really interesting growth scale of a player’s personality and their impact on the sports world. This combination of a rapidly changing business and the incredible scale of growth an athlete can go under creates a massive demand for content. This demand has been met very sparingly. Little videos here and there then go poof into the distance. You create a hub for this kind of content that allows for an intimate look into an athletes life and you’ll hit a jackpot. Come up with a good a name and well, as important as their play on the field might be, it may be more important to people what they are like Off The Field.