The Dawn of a new Digital Renaissance in Cultural Heritage.

Talking about digital innovation and cultural heritage may appear as an oxymoron to most people, both from the culture field and the IT field.

However, I believe digital can lead to the most disruptive advantages precisely in the fields where it is not (yet) widespread.

That’s why my startup Fluxedo joined forces with the Observatory of Digital Innovation in Arts & Culture Heritage (Osservatorio per l’innovazione digitale nei beni e attività culturali) by the School of Management (MIP) of Politecnico di Milano, for covering the social media analytics of Italian and international museums.

The results of the work have been presented during an event on January 19th, 2017 hosted by Piccolo Teatro di Milano, which was very successful.

The live dashboard on the museums social data monitoring is available here:

A summary of the event through social media content of the event as generated via Storify is available here.

The hashtag of the event #OBAC17 has become Twitter trend in Italy, with 579 tweets, 187 users, around 600 likes and retweets, and a potential audience of 2.2 million users.

The event had a huge visibility on the national media, as reported in this press review:

1. La rivoluzione dei musei online. Il primato di Triennale e Pinacoteca— read Il Corriere della Sera Milano

2. L’innovazione prolifera (ma fatica) — read Il Sole 24 Ore Nòva

3. Osservatorio Politecnico, musei social ma con pochi servizi digitali — read Arte Magazine

4. La pagina Facebook della Reggia di Venaria è la più apprezzata d’Italia con oltre 166 mila “like” — read La Stampa Torino

5. Fb, Instagram e Twitter: i musei italiani puntano sui social ma non basta — read La Repubblica

6. Il 52% dei musei italiani è social, ma la fruizione delle opere digital è limitata — read Il Sole 24 Ore

(and you can find many more references in my original post).

Feel free to share what do you think could be the role of digital innovation and IT in cultural heritage.

Originally published at on January 25, 2017.