7 things every Villarreal fan should know… Take the test!

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Feb 6, 2019 · 7 min read

Are you a real Villarreal fan? If so, then these seven questions about Villarreal CF should be a piece of cake for you…

Take the test to prove you are a true ‘groguet’!

1. What is Villarreal’s nickname?

Yellows fans gather to welcome the Villarreal CF team bus ahead of the 2015/16 Europa League Semi-final vs Liverpool.

Answer: The ‘Yellow Submarine’.

If you didn’t know this one, you may be wondering why a Spanish football club is nicknamed the ‘Yellow Submarine’. Of course their yellow colours have a lot to do with it, but this is just a part of the story. The nickname was offically adopted by the club in the 1966/67 campaign, when the team was fighting for promotion to the Third Division (Tercera División) and the Yellow Submarine song had been released by The Beatles at the start of that season, in August 1966.

With the team and the song flying high in the table and the charts, respectively, a group of young fans connected the two indefinitely, by playing the song on a battery-powered record player from the stands during matches. Villarreal fans started to sing the song with their own lyrics:

“Amarillo el Submarino es, amarillo es, amarillo es…”

(“The Submarine is yellow, it is yellow, it is yellow…”). And, as they say, the rest is history.

For more info, have a read of our “We all live in a Yellow Submarine…” article, also on Medium.

2. What year was the club founded?

One of the earliest photos of ‘El Madrigal’ stadium.

Answer: 1923.

The club was founded on 10th March 1923, by a small group of Vila-real citizens who were big football fans. The club’s board was established on 24th May 1923, led by chemist José Calduch Almela, who became the first club President.

The club did not compete in official competitions until the next decade, but they played numerous friendly matches against teams from the region. It all started with ten, big carob tree fields and a small building which the club President rented out. Later on, these grounds became the foundation for the ‘El Madrigal’ stadium, now known as the Estadio de la Cerámica. Villarreal CF has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but we will never forget where we came from.

3. Which player has made the most appearances for Villarreal?

There are a number of Villarreal legends in this photo…

Answer: Bruno Soriano.

Our current captain and Yellows legend, Bruno Soriano, overtook another Villarreal legend, Marcos Senna, to become the player to have made the most appearances for the club. He has played a total of 417 matches for the Yellows… and counting!

Bruno was born in Artana, a town located just a few kilometres south of Vila-real, on 12th June 1984. After a successful youth career with the Villarreal CF Academy and reserve teams, he made his debut for the first team on 1st October 2006 under Manuel Pellegrini, in a 2–1 win over Mallorca. Since then he has been a regular feature in the Submarine side and over four hundred matches later the boy from Artana just keeps on breaking records at his boyhood club.

Currently, the 34-year-old’s record-breaking is on hold though as he recovers from a long-term injury. We speak for all the Yellows family when we say we really hope Bruno can overcome this and get back to doing what he does best: leading Villarreal to new heights.

There really is no better word than legend to describe Bruno Soriano. A favourite with the fans and for good reason. Bruno bosses the heart of the Yellows midfield and always leaves his heart and soul out on the pitch at the Estadio de la Cerámica. He is a leader and top quality centre midfielder with unbelievable vision in the middle of the park. Time and time again he picks out passes that no-one on the pitch nor the stands sees or expects before he executes them.

Notably, our skipper also has 10 caps for the Spanish national team. However, for many people he is one of the most underrated players in Spain. As if we haven’t already bigged up our №21 enough, the photo above really sums up who Bruno is and what he means to Villarreal. Despite the possibility to leave the club and to continue playing in the First Division when the club got relegated at the end of the 2011/12 season, Bruno decided to stay and help the team get back to where it belonged. And he did just that. The following season Villarreal fought through a tough season and returned to the top flight with Bruno as one of the key players. In the iconic photo above, fans celebrated by lifting him up high after the promotion was confirmed and rightly so; Bruno Soriano embodies everything Villarreal CF stands for.

4. Who is the top goalscorer in Villarreal history?

Villarreal celebrate yet another goal by this player.

Answer: Giuseppe Rossi.

The top goalscorer in Villarreal’s history is the Italian forward Giuseppe Rossi. He came to Villarreal in the 2007/08 season for 10million Euros from Manchester United and made 219 appearances for Villarreal, scoring 93 goals in total.. His first season at Villarreal saw him score 13 goals and after many great performances, which also coincided with the Yellows’ best season in history, he helped the team to a second place finish in the league.

Rossi was simply outstanding for Villarreal, but his time here was sadly also marked by injuries, otherwise he would have undoubtedly scored more goals before his departure to Fiorentina in January 2013. Grazie mille, ‘Bambino’!

5. What is Villarreal’s best finish in European football?

One of those magical Champions League nights at the (previously named) ‘El Madrigal’ stadium.

Answer: 2005/06 UEFA Champions League Semi-final.

Villarreal’s best finish in European football competitions up until this day is making it to the 2005/06 Champions League Semi-final against Arsenal FC. One step away from the biggest match in Europe. After two really tight legs against the English giants, Villarreal were knocked out of the competition. So close, yet so far.

In an exciting encounter at El Madrigal, Argentine midfielder Juan Román Riquelme missed a penalty in the 90th minute of the game when Jens Lehmann plunged to his left to save the spot-kick. If Riquelme’s penalty had gone in, it would have sent the match to extra time. After a great Champions League campaign, knocking out teams like Glasgow Rangers and Inter Milan, Villarreal CF was the second club in history with a population of less than 50,000 people to reach a Champions League Semi-final. Unbelievable.

6. What is Villarreal’s best finish in the league?

A historic Villarreal side.

Answer: 2nd.

Villarreal CF’s best league finish was back in the 2007/08 campaign. Finishing as runners-up behind leaders Real Madrid, it was the first time in club history that the Yellows had achieved a second-place finish with a staggering 77 points, 24 wins, five draws and nine losses. It was one for the record books and gave the Yellow Submarine a one-way ticket to the following season’s Champions League competition.

Villarreal also had the best record away from home in the league that year. Racking up a total of 12 wins, even more than Real Madrid. Key players in the 2007/08 squad were Diego López, Diego Godín, Joan Capdevila, Giuseppe Rossi, Marcos Senna, Robert Pires and Santi Cazorla, among others. The perfect mix of youth and experience as well as the readiness to make sacrifices were just a couple of things that led to such a superb season for the Yellows.

7. What is Villarreal’s club mascot called?

Our beloved Villarreal CF mascot!

Answer: Groguet.

Our club mascot is called ‘Groguet’ and was born on the 26th October 2001. In a naming contest, every child under the age of 15 from the Castellón province was allowed to participate. Wearing a yellow shirt with a head which is formed like a submarine and a strong body, it represents the club’s colours and nickname as well as the hopes the club has to make Villarreal CF a strong and established team in LaLiga.

‘Groguet’ comes from the word ‘groc’ which means ‘yellow’ in Valencian, the regional language, and our mascot sure is the heart and soul of the Yellow spirit every home game. Check out Groguet’s moves if you haven’t already seen them!

Congrats on completing the test! We’re sure you passed with flying colours! ENDAVANT!!!

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Villarreal CF - Off the Pitch

A unique "off the pitch" insight into the world of the Yellow Submarine.

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