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Q&A: Getting to know Mr. Ghassan, CEO of LAF Kuwait

Prior to the announcement of the collaboration between Villarreal CF and La Academia de Fútbol (LAF) Kuwait, we spoke to Mr. Ghassan, CEO of LAF. This partneship is the first of its kind for Villarreal CF with a football academy from Kuwait.

Tell us about LAF Kuwait.

LAF Kuwait was founded in July 2021 and currently our active members are just under 200 players. We work with male and female players from four to 18 years of age and all our academy’s coaches are UEFA A certified.

In terms of our facilities, we are proud to say that we have the best facility in Kuwait in terms of field quality, size and maintenance; located in a prime location in Boulevard Park, the 11-a-side fields are split into three 5-a-side fields.

At LAF Kuwait, we teach players the concepts of football, we aim to raise the skill level of all participants while at the same time focusing on personal growth by teaching core life values such as effort, passion, respect and teamwork.

The technical structure of the academy, schedule, methodology, matches, and teams divisions are developed in accordance with the unified system of the spanish football methodology from Villarreal CF; which includes playing in reduced spaces, with a combination style of play, possession-based with a focus on positional games and decision making.

Why made you decide to partner with Villarreal CF?

When we held the winter camp with Villarreal CF coaches from Spain back in December 2021, we had a very good experience with the team sent from the club who were very supportive and sincere which made us think of the club as potential partners, and especially after our visit to the club in March with their warm hospitality. We believe the good relations between businesses will definitely lead to long term success for both parties.

Partnering with such a prestigious football club will boost the experience of the management, technical director, coaches and players, through the monitor and guidance of the project director from Villarreal CF. Such a partnership will enhance the overall level of our academy.

What opportunities will this partnership provide for LAF and players in Kuwait?

The collaboration between Villarreal CF and LAF Kuwait will provide unrivalled opportunities for players and coaches from Kuwait with selected players having the chance to visit Villarreal CF in Spain to take part in the Player Training Week and Team Playing Experience, in which they train with or play against Villarreal’s youth teams, respectively.

What are the mission and long-term goals for LAF Kuwait?

Our vision for our academy is to become the leading football academy in Kuwait, to raise the standards, and level up the quality of training provided to form players and teams that would be able to compete at international standards as well as serve as the hub for the internal clubs to scout for players.

This vision we have in mind can be achieved with the long-term relationship, help, and affiliation with Villarreal CF.



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