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Q&A: Getting to know Bo Amato, Villarreal Virginia Director

We sat down with Villarreal Virginia Director Bo Amato to speak about his hopes for the season.

How did the tryouts go for you?

Tryouts were very successful. The level of interest in VIVA is very high due to the incredible support of Villarreal CF and the hands-on relationship with the mothership (Yellow Submarine).

With tryouts now over, how do you feel about the upcoming season for Villarreal Virginia? What are your aims?

Club aims are to build on the successes of last year, coaching education to increase, player development to increase, opportunities for both players and coaches to increase.

And how do you feel about Villarreal Virginia’s long-term goals? What are your objectives?

Long term objectives are to provide a positive experience for all football players. Yes, we want to see a local player from our club on the men’s and women’s teams in Villarreal CF. Long term goals are very real, to continue to have more Villarreal CF involvement and eventually for VIVA to really be the club’s home away from home.

How has Villarreal Virginia grown since partnering with Villarreal? What has been the best part of this partnership so far?

The best part of the relationship is how important and how well Villarreal CF treat our players, parents, managers and coaches. They really care about all our members.

How important is being part of the Villarreal family?

This is more important than anything, the circle of trust and opportunity for our players is very real and I cannot wait for that first players to be a part of something in Spain.

By being part of the Villarreal family, there are a number of great opportunities, such as players coming over to train in Spain, which helps separate Villarreal Virginia from other academies. Both coaches and players have been to Spain. How was this experience for them?

Talk to us a bit about your background in coaching.

I’ve coached for over 25 years, started with a friend and a conversation over a cup of coffee. My experience is rooted from playing and aspiring to be a professional as a young boy. I was eventually released by Tottenham Hotspur in the spring of 1986.

Explain to us your vision of coaching.

Coaches should inspire players to play, not tell them how to play, inspire creativity, inspire players to love the game, and recognize its value as a life lesson.

Explain the history of Villarreal Virginia.

This history is simple, for years I have tried my hardest to have a professional club get actively involved in the United States. Many opportunities were available, but they have been money making shirts selling exercises. Villarreal CF with their coaches and daily communication with the club demonstrate to all who are involved with VIVA that this is very very real.

Are there any players who you believe could make it to professional soccer or college soccer?

Absolutely, we have a few who are inspiring VIVA and Villarreal CF coaches. Also more importantly it is important to recognize that all players develop at different speeds, some outstanding at 12 and then drop off, others average at 14 and fantastic at 19. There are many reasons for this and we believe that Villarreal really helps the community and our coaches to work extremely well with our players.



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