3 Apps My Writing Can’t Live Without

Technology that makes a writer’s life a little easier

As a moonlight writer, the ability to write and create on-the-go is critical to getting words on paper while balancing a fulltime career and family time. We’ve all read the articles about how to write more, more often. Regurgitated and rewrapped tips like; keeping a notebook on you, create a special place to write and set up a dedicated time to write; flood Google search results for “writing tips.” These best practices work; if you’re at home all day with a routine schedule. But what about the rest of us? — The writers who also work a 9 to 5 with families, obligations, and never enough time in the day. I often found myself jotting down random ideas on whatever paper or device I had available at the moment. Countless thoughts and ah-ha moments have been lost on random scraps of paper and missing browser bookmarks; like a missing sock in every load of laundry. There must be a better way to harness the randomness. Something that would help me stay organized, capture ideas, and be accessible no matter where I was at or which device I had in my hand. I remember thinking to myself; “There must be an app for that.”

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After scouring the internet and app stores for something to help me stay informed and productive without sacrificing my creative flow; I found three apps that have drastically helped me be more effective in both writing and life in general. Whether you’re a writer, student, professional, or someone who just wants to make writing a little easier on-the-go; these apps just may be the perfect solution to your writer’s life struggles.

My Favorite Apps for Curating and Capturing Ideas

Although I use several apps during my creative process; this article focuses on the three apps I use most often to capture, curate, and communicate my ideas: Feedly, Evernote, and Grammarly. To further improve your writing app toolkit with robust writing and wordprocessing apps, check out Martin Uhnak’s article The Best Writing App of 2019” on The Writing Cooperative.

1. Find and Save it for Later with Feedly

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Known as one of the top news aggregator applications for various web and mobile; Feedly has quickly become my go-to source for what’s going on. While I wasn’t one to follow RSS feeds in the past; it has become increasingly difficult to cut the clutter and find solid articles and insightful social content nowadays with so much content online. Feedly is an excellent tool to keep up with what you’re interested in and find relevant reads from new sources — all while avoiding the distractions and chaos of ad-cluttered sites and social media platforms.

So what exactly is Feedly?

“Feedly is the better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites.

A powerful tool. With Multiple layout options, auto-mark as read, tagging, advanced sharing, keyboard shortcuts.

All in one place. Organize your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels and access them all in one place (or sync with Google Reader).

Blazing fast. Transforms web sites into pocket-size cards which load quickly and are easy to read.

Open and Extensible. Save articles across devices or share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Evernote, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Directly or via Buffer, Pocket or Instapaper.

Always In Sync. Feedly is available everywhere you go. Your phone, tablet and computer are always in sync.” — Feedly.com

2. Write it Down with Evernote

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Designed for note-taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving; Evernote is highly customizable and offers features such as clipping tools, multi-device synchronization, search handwriting options, document scanning, and PDF support. Evernote can save any references you need for notes such as audio files, photos of handwritten notes, or even scanned receipts.

Evernote | Premium

For an additional fee, Evernote offers a premium service that’s perfect for the avid writer. According to Evernote’s website, their Premium subscription includes:

EVERNOTE PREMIUM — The ultimate workspace.

• 10 GB of new uploads each month

• Unlimited number of devices

• Access your notes and notebooks offline

• Save emails to Evernote

• Search inside Office docs and attachments

• Annotate PDFs

• Scan and digitize business cards

• Show notes as presentations, instantly (desktop only)

Want to try something else?

If you are looking for an alternative to Feedly and/or Evernote, check out Pocket, Bear, Microsoft OneNote, or Google Keep.

Click here for an in-depth comparison of Feedly, Evernote, and Pocket by GetApp.

Source: GetApp

3. Write About it with Grammarly

Before diving into the invaluable benefits of Grammarly Premium, I strongly recommend downloading the free Grammarly App and start using the Grammarly Keyboard on your phone or tablet immediately. From texts and tweets to business emails and notes; the Grammarly keyboard edits your typing in real-time. No more awkward autocorrect errors. To take your writing to the next level and improve not only your grammar but also your tone, voice, and readability; check out Grammarly Premium.

So what is Grammarly?

Grammarly AI-powered products help people communicate more effectively. Millions of users rely on Grammarly every day to make their messages, documents, and social media posts clear, mistake-free, and effective,” (Grammarly.com).

Grammarly | Premium

Grammarly’s robust premium service includes three subscription options (monthly, annual, and business) that find grammar, syntax, and plagiarism issues that even my top of the line word processor programs and apps miss. Plus, it offers solutions for the error with additional context. This extra help means you might actually learn why it’s incorrect and stop making the same mistake time and time again. You can also set customized goals, either at the profile-level or with each document, allowing you to tailor the audience, formality, domain, and tone. This unique feature allows your blog post to sound conversation and your business proposal to sound formal.

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Visit Grammarly online or download the Grammarly App (iOS, Android, Mac) to learn more about their service and the latest products available (e.g., Grammarly for MS Word, Google Chrome Extension, and Native App).

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Offbeat Poetry

All things poetry, just a little offbeat. Explore epic forms of literary arts, like redacted poetry, pick up some writing tips and creativity hacks, and learn about books and resources to help you find the “write” words and add to your writer’s toolkit. Cheers to creativity!

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