Arbitrum Nitro: one small step for L2, one giant leap for Ethereum.

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3 min readAug 31, 2022


The time has come Arbinauts. Arbitrum One has now been fully migrated to the Nitro stack!


Yes, it’s true, Arbitrum One is now running on Nitro — increased throughput, lower fees, next generation rollup architecture is happening, and it’s all live now on Arbitrum One mainnet.

This is a huge milestone that we’ve been working towards for a long time, and we are overjoyed to share our progress and excitement with the community. The Arbitrum One network is now fully back online, and over the next few hours ecosystem infrastructure will continue to come back online, which you can track here, and for all the latest updates make sure to follow our Twitter.

Finally, Nitro is Here

We’ve talked at length about Nitro for a while now, but now that the migration has actually completed, devs and users will finally start to feel the effects of the upgrade. Just to recap, Nitro ushers in a slew of improvements, such as:

  • Increased throughput, compared to pre-Nitro, 7x-10x higher (oh yeah 😎)
  • Advanced calldata compression, which further drives down transaction costs on Arbitrum by reducing the amount of data posted to L1.
  • Ethereum L1 gas compatibility, bringing pricing and accounting for EVM operations perfectly in line with Ethereum.
  • Additional L1 interoperability, including tighter synchronization with L1 Block numbers, and full support for all Ethereum L1 pre compiles.
  • Safer retryables, eliminating the failure mode where a retryable ticket fails to get created.
  • Geth tracing, for even broader debugging support.
  • And many, many more changes.

It really is a birthday celebration, and while this is a huge accomplishment, this is just the beginning of Arbitrum Autumn.

As an added bonus, we’ve also done a huge overhaul of our docs! A new gentle introduction to our tech, FAQs, and a generally beautiful UI are just a couple of major things you’ll notice while surfing our new documentation!

Year 1 of Arbitrum One

Hold on, new stack, new docs, whose birthday is it?!?

Well for those that have been here long enough, you’ll probably remember that one year ago today, Arbitrum One mainnet went live to the public! It’s been a very memorable year, building alongside an amazing community, helping push innovation at the application level with some of crypto’s biggest projects choosing to call Arbitrum One their home, and proving that layer 2 Ethereum is the only way to a sustainable on-chain future.

Even with Nitro fully online on both Arbitrum One and Nova (remember, Nova has been running on Nitro this whole time!), the Arbitrum story is just beginning. Our team is hard at work to further increase scale, reduce cost, and make the Arbitrum user experience even better. We’ve got a lot in the hopper, and all of our future work is centered on continuing to push the envelopes of security, efficiency, and scalability with you — the community!

Additionally, while we’ve had our heads down working on changes over the last few months, we’ll be taking some time to go to Devcon! Several members of our team will be there and we’re excited to connect with the community and share some updates then.

A is for Arbitrum. A is for Autumn. 🍂

For technical background on Nitro, our whitepaper provides a deep dive into the technical design and rationale behind our next-generation rollup architecture. You can read the whitepaper here.

We’re hiring! All of this innovation is only possible because of the incredible team we have at Offchain Labs. Our team works tirelessly every day to push the limits of blockchain scaling, and we’re still continuing to grow! If you want to join the best team in blockchain, visit our careers page and apply!



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