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in collaboration with Ratwell & Project Galaxy

Do you like free-mint NFTs? How about 17 Arbitrum-exclusive NFTs designed by the illustrious crypto-renowned artist Ratwell and Sugoi? If you answered no to either of the above questions, then stop reading right now. This post is not for you.

Awesome, you’re still here. So how do we get whitelisted for the NFTs?!?! Read on!

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Ratwell, Sugoi, and Project Galaxy, to invite users to explore different parts of the Arbitrum ecosystem– from bridging to DeFi all the way to NFTs and gaming!This will be a 2-month long initiative that will give users the ability to experience different on-chain Arbitrum ecosystem projects and in return, receive exclusive NFTs designed by Ratwell & Sugoi!

The Arbitrum ecosystem is vast and for many, unexplored, so what better way to start exploring and claim exclusive NFTs in the process. Users will have a chance to not only experience the different projects built on top of Arbitrum throughout this journey, but be rewarded in doing so. At the end, any user who has collected at least 12 of the 15 NFTs will receive the most exclusive and final arbi-verse NFT, designed of course by Ratwell and Sugoi.

Sounds exciting? Keep reading for the details of how it will work and how you can get involved. 👀

The Broadcast

On April 13th, at 2pm EST tune into the broadcast announcement of The Arbitrum Odyssey where we’ll be taking 56 of the most active projects on Arbitrum and randomizing them into 14 pools of four. All of this will be live streamed on Twitch so that everyone can show up & cheer on your favorite projects right from the beginning! From there, the communities of each project will vote on who gets to participate in the odyssey. If you want to see your favorite projects included, get ready to vote! Of the 56 teams, 14 will proceed and get an exclusive NFT designed for the participants in those projects.

The Teams

Drumroll please….

The following 56 projects will be included in the first round of this initiative:

As described above, these 56 teams will be randomized and put into 14 groups of 4 for voting using Twitter polls on the Arbitrum account. The voting will start on Wednesday, April 13th at 4:00 PM EST and will run for 48 hours. Within each group of 4, the community that amasses the most votes will end up victorious and proceed. Voting will end on Friday, April 15th at 4:00 PM EST, and 14 teams (one from each group of 4) will advance.

What does this mean? For teams: rile up your communities and get them prepared to vote for your team, especially when the livestream starts we’ll want to see a lot of activity in the chat! For users: be as degen as you can be. Or actually make sure you vote for your favorite projects and show up when the stream starts so you can see which teams they’ll be going up against!

Once all of the votes are in and accounted for, we will coordinate with Ratwell, Sugoi, Project Galaxy, and the other projects on this to get the process started within the next couple weeks.

Once all the coordination is done, the journey finally begins!

The Journey Begins

The Journey will officially begin on June 21. Further details and adjustments will be posted then.

The first week will involve onboarding ETH into Arbitrum via any of the bridges & fiat-on-ramps below. Users that use the bridge that ends up getting the most volume at the end of the week will also be able to claim a bonus NFT!

Note: the official Arbitrum bridge is not included in this initiative.”

Once onboarding week is over, the journey will begin and every week for 7 weeks, 2 projects will task their users to complete an on-chain task specific to their protocol.

Users will be able to claim Arbi-verse NFTs for completion of every task, representing their involvement in this initiative. Claims will take place on Project Galaxy’s website here. (The mints will be completely free, but you will need ETH on Arbitrum to pay the transactions fee to claim the free NFT).

If a user collects at least 13 of the 16 NFTs throughout this journey, they will receive a final Ratwell & Sugoi-designed NFT indicating the completion of their journey into the Arbi-verse.

If at any point you lose sight of what your mission is or need any assistance, report to Arbitrum base command here.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is an L2 optimistic rollup scaling solution for Ethereum, offering a unique combination of benefits:

  • Trustless security: security rooted in Ethereum, with any one party able to ensure correct Layer 2 results
  • Compatibility with Ethereum: able to run unmodified EVM contracts and unmodified Ethereum transactions
  • Scalability: moving contracts’ computation and storage off of the main Ethereum chain, allowing much higher throughput
  • Minimum cost: designed and engineered to minimize the L1 gas footprint of the system, minimizing per-transaction cost.

With over 300+ dApps deployed & over $3 billion in TVL, Arbitrum is by far the largest rollup ecosystem, but more importantly we are also the best community. Let’s do this! 💙

Learn more about Arbitrum here.



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