OFF Broadcast for April 26, 2019

Todd Kitta
May 1 · 2 min read

Business Application Summit 2019 Sessions Available

Sessions on Power BI, Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps, Forms, etc.

Power BI Home is now GA

  • Workspaces now given a home!
  • You can now favorite content from home (e.g. under frequently used content)
  • Content type is now made clear
  • Coming soon: organizational branding, promoted content, configurable learning resources, user customizable pinned tiles

Power BI Email Subscriptions for Paginated Reports

  • Set subscription frequency, body, and header
  • PDF today… Word, PowerPoint, Excel, more coming
  • Today reports with no parameters are supported, default parameter values coming in next month or so

Power BI Query Caching

Premium capability. Big deal for reducing load on your Premium capacity!

Power BI Skip Connection Test When Configuring New Data Sources

Helpful for gateway admins configuring slow or presently unavailable data sources.

Power BI Premium Summary and Workload Metrics in Admin Portal

Allows admins to get an at-a-glance view without leaving the admin portal.

On-premises Data Gateway Update for April 2019

  • Oracle Essbase, PDF connectors now available
  • April mashup engine
  • As of April, we are making the previous 4 gateway release available for rollback/troubleshooting

On-premises Data Gateway Management Enhancements

  • Visibility to personal gateways
  • Manage who is allowed to install gateways

SSO and Conditional Access in Edge for iOS/Android

Edge + EMS also supports dual-identity, configuration settings (e.g. homepage shortcut, bookmarks, etc.).

Flow April Update

  • Trigger issues are now bubbled up for easier troubleshooting
  • New connectors: Microsoft Forms Pro and 8 more
  • Preview of custom controls for business Flows
  • A few connector deprecations

PowerApps Component Framework

For model-driven apps. Allows 3rd party developers to build components for Dynamics and PowerApps. Also comes with a new CLI to assist in development.

Teams PowerShell Module now GA

Mind the GAP! Uses the Graph API v1.0. New enhancements: connect to Teams Gov, Get-Team offers more flexible filtering (e.g. on visibility, archived state)

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