Power BI Desktop Update for August 2019


  • Visual grouping
  • New filter pane update process
  • Icon style picker for conditional formatting
  • Conditional formatting warnings
  • Key influencer report support for measures and GA
  • Custom visuals: multi-axis chart, Marimekko chart, Variance chart, Horizon chart
  • Data connectivity: SAP HANA HDI Containers, edit SAP BW or HANA variables in Power BI Premium, PostgreSQL DirectQuery beta, MarkLogic connector GA, new Power Platform category/rename
  • New Facebook Pages template app

Power BI Report Server Access via Mobile App


Uses the Azure AD Application Proxy.

PowerApps New Data Source Experience for Canvas Apps


PowerApps Canvas App Sharing with Guests


PowerApps Delegation to SharePoint


Affects things such as People and Choice fields. These used to have a 500–2000 item limit.

PowerApps Lookup Usability Enhancements


  • Recently used records shown immediately
  • Enter key to browse
  • Record type indication for recent records
  • Record type browsing

Content Camera with Intelligent Capture in Teams Room Systems


Microsoft Teams — External Access in Office 365 Government GCC High and DoD


SharePoint Online Highlights

Azure AD Highlights

New Edge Chromium — Read Aloud


PowerApps a Leader in Low-Code Magic Quadrant


Office Flash Friday

Bringing you the best in Microsoft productivity — every week! Fridays @ 10:30am Central (live at https://aka.ms/joinoff).

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Office Flash Friday

Bringing you the best in Microsoft productivity — every week! Fridays @ 10:30am Central (live at https://aka.ms/joinoff).

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