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Power BI Dataflows Compute Boost and Templates

Power BI Viewer Role for Workspaces

This has been a big ask for a while. Allows users to view dashboards/reports without browsing datasets or dataflows. There are licensing implications so please read the blog post.

Power BI Paginated Reports Update

  • Email subscriptions can now set parameters
  • For paginated subscriptions, you can now view first page preview in email (optional)
  • For admins: set allowed memory usage for the paginated report workload in premium capacities.
  • Azure SQL DB oAuth support. Allows enforcement of RLS down to the database.
  • Reports now respect the AutoRefresh property

Power BI Report Builder Support for non-Premium Datasets

You still need to be a Pro user to author, but your datasets can be in Premium or non-Premium workspaces.

Power BI Aggregations are GA!

Unlock those TBs and PBs. DO IT! RLS is supported as well! Check out the replay of the webcast in the blog post.

On-premises Gateway Support for Different Datasets from Same Data Source

Allows for varying credentials across these datasets without having to create multiple gateways (which was the previous workaround).

Specify Recipients of Dataset Failure Notifications

On-premises Data Gateway Admin Center

As could Office 365 Global Admins and Power BI Service Admins before, Gateway Admins can now administer on-premises data gateways in the Power Platform admin center.

Power BI New Filter Experience Available

  • GA has arrived!
  • Pop-up filter list making it easier on your users
  • Much greater control over your look and feel
  • Locking and hiding
  • Sorting
  • Renaming
  • Bookmarks capture filter state

Power BI Service Availability Email Notifications

You will get notifications when there are service issues and follow up resolutions.

Power BI Desktop July 2019 Update

  • MSI installer simplification for languages! Note that the language specific MSIs will be available until September and then we will only ship one MSI! Update your scripts!
  • Icon sets for table and matrix — Excel users rejoice! Create DAX rules for ultimate flexibility and use themes for custom icons.
  • Percent support for conditional formatting
  • Perf improvements for relative date and dropdown slicers
  • Key influencer visual supports counts in preview
  • PowerApps visual is now certified. One implication is that this visual now shows in PowerPoint export and email subscriptions.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 connector (beta) available!
  • CosmosDB connector is GA
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights connector available
  • Data prep now allows to split column by position

New Stuff in Teams in July

  • Lots of users :)
  • Prioritization
  • Announcements
  • X-channel posting
  • Firstline imporvements
  • Role targeting
  • More new stuff via Partner announcements!

Teams Rooms July Update

  • Theme/UI/Branding updates
  • MS Whiteboard integration

Intune support for Mac OSX FileVault

  • Admin support to enable
  • Personal reco key rotation + escrow
  • Status reporting of encryption integrated w/Intune

Intune Windows 10 Admin Template support GA

  • Feature helps Windows administrators use the settings they are familiar with in group policy editor when they transition to cloud-attached management
  • Adds over 2500 settings to the Intune console, covering Windows, OneDrive and Office, in a user interface that is similar to group policy editor
  • GO USE IT!

Intune Security Baseline GA

  • Microsoft has years of experience publishing security baselines as Group Policy Objects in the Security and Compliance Toolkit (SCT).
  • Now we bring that same approach to Intune

Head towards passwordless workplace w/AAD + FIDO2

  • A new Authentication methods blade in AAD admin portal that allows you to assign passwordless credentials using FIDO2 security keys and passwordless sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator to users and groups.
  • Updated capabilities in the converged Registration portal for your users to create and manage FIDO2 security keys.
  • Ability to use FIDO2 security keys to auth across AAD-joined Win 10 devices on the latest versions of Edge and Firefox browsers.

Desktop Analytics Pub Preview!!

Improving Office perf in Virtualized environs

  • New benefits included for M365 customers
  • Server 2019 will get support for OD4B files on-demand
  • More virt-targeted perf improvements

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Office Flash Friday

Bringing you the best in Microsoft productivity — every week! Fridays @ 10:30am Central (live at

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