01 Evolutionary Church: a Planetary Awakening in Love through Unique Self Symphonies

This piece is a lightly edited transcript of a live talk given by Dr. Marc Gafni and Barbara Marx Hubbard on the archived weekly broadcast Evolutionary Church (now One Mountain Many Paths) , co-founded by Gafni and his evolutionary partner Barbara Marx Hubbard. Thus, the style of the piece is the spoken word and not a formal essay.

Edited by by Kristina Tahel Amelong. Prepared for publication by Jamie Long.


Thank you to everybody from all over the world for being attracted to enter and to create, for the very first time on planet earth, as far as we know, the Evolutionary Church.

Photo by Kristina Tahel Amelong

Why Are We Creating Evolutionary Church?

I believe it is to nurture the deeper union of humans and the Divine as we begin to gain the powers that we used to attribute to the gods.

In our generation, we have gained power

  • to destroy worlds,
  • to grow worlds,
  • to create bodies,
  • to destroy bodies.

Where do we get the inner guidance to live at the threshold of evolution, to access within ourselves the deeper pattern of creation that is running through every one of us as our Unique Self, as our desire to create, as our vocations of destiny?

How do we actually incarnate the process of evolution, now that we’ve been given the power of very young “godlings”?

It has been said that we are created in the image of God, and it seems that we are becoming ever more godlike. And yet to become good gods, loving gods, gods expressing the process of creation, we need to evoke together a field of resonance: a resourcing with Source, so that our hearts are opening, and our voices are vibrating with the frequency of the impulse of creation that’s coming through each one of us.

So in the field of resonance created by the Evolutionary Church we are becoming sensitive to the impulse that, for billions and billions of years, has been creating the universe, earth, life, animal life, human life, and now evolutionary human life.

At the threshold of evolution, or conscious evolution, Evolutionary Church is creating a field of resonance for those who are called to be co-evolvers and co-creators of a world equal to our creative, personal, social, scientific, technological potential.

  • It is the church of the emergence of a new human.
  • It is the church of the emergence of an evolutionary humanity.
  • It is the church of the birth of ourselves in a planetary awakening through a Unique Self Symphony in which everybody’s note, everybody’s tone of voice, everybody’s frequency, is resonating together in this field that we are now establishing, such that, as we learn to become members of the Evolutionary Church and create it together for the first time, we intend to offer to the world.

There’s a joy, hope, wonder, love and goodness that is in each one of us to give.

And with this, I turn my attention to Marc Gafni, my partner, asking him to set a field of prayer.



Thank you, Barbara, and thank you everyone.

Barbara, it is delightful to be here with you, love, and to be with everyone in this moment which is so wildly historic, the initiation of the Evolutionary Church.

Let us set a field of prayer.

Prayer is a word that we’re not used to using in the world of evolutionary spirituality, or world spirituality. We have let prayer be hijacked.

  • Prayer is for those fundamentalists…
  • Prayer is for those who aren’t sophisticated…
  • Prayer is for those who don’t realize that we are really God ourselves…

That’s how we think about prayer.

But, in Evolutionary Church, we want to participate together in evolving the source code of culture and consciousness and reclaim at higher levels of consciousness what we mean by prayer.

On the one hand, prayer is attunement. We’re at the end of the era where God is only “without,” where we are but to be obedient, where we are but to fulfill the decree.

  • We understand that Reality turns to us and says, “Be my partner.”
  • We understand that the great flaring forth of the Big Bang, incarnating, the Divine Impulse turns to us and says, “I can’t do it without you; partner with me.”
  • We understand that creativity is not just without but within. That there is an incessant, ceaseless creativity, which is the very Eros of Kosmos coming alive in us, within us, uniquely.

And so Barbara, beloved Lady Barbara, attunes us to that field, to that field of resonance, to that field of evolutionary imperative, to that field of evolutionary impulse which lives and awakens in us, as us and through us.

That’s the beginning of the story. That is what we might call God in the first person:

God living in me, as me, and through me.

God as the evolutionary impulse awakening uniquely in me.

Then we drop to our knees, and we let go of our arrogance, and we let go of the sense that we are gods, and we fall on our knees before the LoveIntelligence and LoveBeauty of Kosmos that existed before we ever began to think.

We bow before the LoveIntelligence of Kosmos that manifested photosynthesis, which all the super computers and all the scientists in the world couldn’t dream of. The LoveIntelligence of Reality manifests photosynthesis in the great symphony of mitosis and meiosis before there was ever a neocortex, let alone human brains.

We understand, we bow before, we bow in delight and in devotion because in Evolutionary Church we want to reclaim devotion and prayer.

But not prayer to a God who is merely “without,” on whom we must rely because we have no powers.

We claim our powers. We claim our powers as divine miniatures.

At the same time, we bow, we fall on our knees and, at the same time, we are in devotion.

In this reclaiming of devotion, together with the claiming of our powers and responsibility, is the essence of Evolutionary Church.

So let’s talk for a moment, Beloveds. We can be Beloveds to each other.

We have exiled love as well, haven’t we?

Love has been exiled to the merely romantic, or to the merely sexual, and we’ve forgotten that that’s not what love is.

Love is so much deeper.
Love lives everywhere.
We want to be Love now, together.

When we reclaim prayer, we want to reclaim it from that place.

So what does it mean to pray?
Does Reality, does God, hear prayer?

Dear friends, we can throw out, we can literally throw out, just throw it out — 2,000 years of theology — back and forth, and we can do together, here at Evolutionary Church, a simple pointing out instruction.

The pointing out instruction is as follows:

Barbara, when you spoke, did I hear your voice?
— And the answer is, I did. You spoke and I heard.

You spoke and I heard, but how did I hear? Was it merely through the physical structures within my ear?

Of course, those physical structures were necessary, but what in me heard you, understood you, was able to receive you, was moved by you?

What heard you, what was moved by you, was my intelligence, my Essence.

Now, I am an intelligent guy.
Am I more intelligent than anyone in the State of California? I don’t think so.
More intelligent than anyone in the United States? I don’t think so.

Is there a larger intelligence, that’s larger than my intelligence, hearing Barbara?

Of course there is.

My Essence, my intelligence that hears Barbara participates in the larger intelligence of Kosmos.

Just like when I do push ups, my power, all the power in the world, is in me. My power participates in the larger power of Kosmos, which is a weightlifter who’s stronger than me, then a car that has even more power, then jet propulsion, and then all the forces, exponentialized, of Kosmos, which are Infinite Power.

When I hear Barbara with my intelligence, my intelligence participates in the LoveIntelligence of Kosmos. If Marc can hear Barbara — Barbara, is it at all possible that the universe can’t hear you?

Does the universe suddenly go unintelligent? I don’t think so.

When Barbara speaks,
Reality hears.

God is Reality
and Reality is God.

The God you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

Here in Evolutionary Church, let’s let go of those small visions of God.

The God you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

When your mother was pounding on the door, and you were six years old, she said, “I’m going to punish you, God’s going to open the door; unlock it right now!”

That God doesn’t exist.

God is

  • the Infinity of Intimacy,
  • the infinite power of Kosmos that knows our name,
  • the evolutionary impulse that beats in our chest,
  • and the loving intelligence that knows our name and holds us in every moment.

And so in Evolutionary Church we are not, as Kant once wrote, we’re not embarrassed by prayer.

We reclaim prayer at a higher level of consciousness.

I invite everyone so humbly, with my heart so open, to open your heart with me. I put my hand on my heart. It’s a practice here in Evolutionary Church.

I put my hand on my heart physically, as if I am opening a door, either my left hand or my right hand. I actually open my heart. Ah! I open my heart.

My heart participates in the Divine heart.

God is the heart of Kosmos.

I want to invite everyone — myself, Barbara, Lisa [Engles], everyone together with us — to pray. Maybe we haven’t prayed for many, many years.

We think God, or the infinite LoveIntelligence of Reality that manifested mitosis and meiosis before there was ever a scientist or a supercomputer, we think that intelligence of Reality is too busy to be concerned with my life.

Well, my friends, that is not true.

The great master said, “Ask for everything; ask for everything.”

You matter.

Self-love means to know that all of Reality intended your existence and that you matter, infinitely.

So in this moment, I invite everyone at the same time to write into the chat box and say,

Wow, please help me be a better partner.
Please help me ask for forgiveness.
Please help me make enough money to support my family.
Please help me find my creativity.

Anything you want to pray for — for yourself, for anyone, for the world, for the environment.

And in the next minutes, we stop and we ask everyone to pray. Write your chat, write your prayer. For 60 seconds, we are all praying together. Feel that prayer rising out of Evolutionary Church as evolution, church, synagogue, meditation center, spiritual center, whatever words you want, come together for the first time in history.

“Thank God,” wrote Michael Dowd, in his book, Thank God for Evolution.

The great story of the divine unfolding in us, as us, and through us.

As people write, Barbara, take us inside, beloved, and set the Dharma, the Intention, for Evolutionary Church.


Photo by Kristina Tahel Amelong

Barbara’s Sermon: We Are Each Uniquely Coded


Thank you, Marc.

The intention for Evolutionary Church, as I hear you speak Marc, I suggest this for everyone: that the inner impulse in you, Marc, that is activating you to experience this prayer, to experience this evolution, is a frequency. It comes from the source of creation that’s been evolving for billions and billions of years — in each one of us.

We are each uniquely coded with the frequency of the entire evolutionary journey that is wanting to come forward now as our own expressions of love, of creativity, of vocation.

Each of us is literally coded with the evolutionary impulse of creation.

So the intention of the Evolutionary Church is to create

  • a field for the evolution of humanity.
  • a space in consciousness,
  • a space in being with one another where this profound evolutionary impulse in each one of us comes to consciousness,
  • a space where it gives us guidance, through that impulse, as to our own unique gift to the world; as to our own unique voice that Marc calls Unique Self Symphony.

Just imagine for a moment, every voice on this planet impelled by the impulse of creation, uniquely in each person;

  • sounding the note of inspiration, of creativity, of desire to give your gift to the whole,
  • sounding as Unique Self -Symphony.

How does that symphony express itself?

The vision is for the Evolutionary Church expressing itself in a Planetary Awakening in Love.

It expresses itself in a birth of humanity capable of co-evolving with nature, co-creating with Spirit.

It awakens in a humanity capable of using our spiritual, social, scientific, technological genius.

We restore the earth to free the people, to explore the vast regions of inner space and the cosmos beyond this planet.

The intention of the Evolutionary Church is to be a birthing place for the co-evolution of humanity.

How is this going to happen?

One of the key ways and one of the key practices, as Marc mentioned, is prayer.

Another practice is the incarnation of the impulse of evolution, holding yourself in conscious awareness.

I’d like to carry you through this for one moment. I think of it as an evolutionary chakra meditation.

  • First, put your mind in the mind of God at the origin of creation.
  • Imagine that eternal process becoming coded through that Big Bang, and going through the billions of years of evolution. Genius creating life, human life, and now your own life as an impulse of those billions of years. We’re sitting right at the edge of the billions of years.
  • Now bring it right in your base chakra and feel there the security of the entire impulse of creation, indwelling as you, as your security, the invisible force within us.
  • Now bring that billions of years from the mind of God right up through your base chakra into your generative organs.
  • Feel yourself shifting from devolution towards evolution, from degeneration toward regeneration.
  • Feel yourselves being activated, “Oh, there’s more for us to do, there’s more for us to be.” We are now expressing this process of creation, uphold that impulse once again, breathe it out all the way through the base chakra to the generative organs, and take it into the power center.
  • As we enter the Evolutionary Church, the power of the process of creation is in every one of us, uniquely expressing as our own impulse to give, to be, to reach out. Feel the enormity of that power in you. You recognize it’s coming from the source of creation, uniquely, as you.
  • Take in one more deep breath up through all the chakras through the base chakra to the generative organs. You are regenerating the Evolutionary Church, you are expressing your full power.
  • Bring it right up into the place where the emotions dwell, the pain, the sorrow, the separation, the feeling of inadequacy. [That place where you say] “I’m not good enough, I’ll never make it. It won’t be me. Where am I going? I don’t know what to do.”
  • Let that impulse, which has direction, which has purpose, which has the knowledge of creation within it, let it go through those emotions. Let it organize and calibrate those emotions into a field in which they go directly into the heart.
  • All of our emotions, whatever feelings of separation we may have had, let it go into the heart. And in that heart of unconditional love, we find the basic impulse of evolution. The Evolutionary Church sets the intention to bring forth the impulse of Eros in evolution into the heart of all our members, of all of humanity. Just feel that in your heart, feel the almost infinite expression of Love.
  • Let it out the whole way, don’t hold any of it back. In the Evolutionary Church, we do not need to hold our love of one another back. Let that evolution in your heart go right up into your upper heart, which is your vocation. Your gift of love to the world, your unique expression, your vocation of destiny, what the impulse of evolution is born in you to do.
  • In the Evolutionary Church it is our intention to bring forth that intention of creation in each of us. Let it be not just a personal, separate intention or project. Let it be within us a unique expression of the genius of evolution as our own calling, our own vocation. Let us incarnate the genius of evolution in our expressions in [the] world. As we share our vocations with each other in this Church, and learn to connect our vocations with one another as expressions of the divine impulse of creation, let us feel the glory of the empowerment of all of humanity wherever we congregate in the community. [Let us feel it] in the communion of the evolutionary potential, which is nurtured in this Church.
  • Take in one more deep breath everybody together, all the 1,300 people from all over the world. One deep breath from the source of creation all the way up through the genius of evolution, through the lower chakras, through the heart, through the vocation of destiny.
  • Now, bring it into your voice. When you have a chance to speak later on in this Church, let your voice be the frequency of the impulse of evolution within you. That voice is different from the purely mental mind. It is the voice that holds the quality, the resonance, the frequency of that impulse as you. When you speak it through the planetary symphony, the Unique Self Symphony, when you speak it into the noosphere or the thinking layer of earth or social media or [the] internet, you are expressing the voice of creation, as you, into the field, through a Unique Self Symphony.
  • Then let it go all the way on up into your third eye now, to the spiritual awakening of almost infinite intelligence pulsing through each one of us. Let us bring it up, bring it down, bring it in and bring it out.
  • Recognize that this is the intention of Evolutionary Church: to nurture the incarnation of the evolutionary impulse in each one of us as conscious evolutionaries. As beings born at the precise moment when evolution becomes conscious of itself in others,when evolution becomes aware of itself as evolution by choice, by prayer, by intention, by inspiration, by creation, by joining together in Love. It is the intention of the Evolutionary Church to offer a new sacred space in the world for people to gather together, to evolve in love and give their unique gift to our Unique Self Symphony for a planetary awakening.

Let me just finish with the thought of the birth of a co-creative humanity as a planetary awakening in Love. It is like the birth of a newborn child, when its nervous system just barely links up. It opens its eyes and, if it’s very fortunate, it is held in the arms of its mother. The baby is placed in the mother’s arms against the mother’s heart. He feels the heartbeat from that mother awakening its nervous system to the realization that it is loved. So the intention of the Evolutionary Church is to generate the awareness that we are loved. That we are created by a universal process of creation that has direction, has purpose, has intention. Its intention is higher consciousness, greater freedom, more complex and loving order.

Every impulse in every one of us toward consciousness, freedom and love is being impelled in the Evolutionary Church, in the Unique Self Symphony, toward a planetary awakening.

To literally help the world shift from a phase of devolution and crisis to a phase of evolution and co-creation.

Everyone is precious.
Every voice is needed.
Every one of us is orchestrated by the invisible process of creation coming to a new climax in the evolutionary planetary awakening in Love, in our lifetime.

So here we are gathered for the very first time in this new space expressing a global communion of pioneering souls, worldwide. (Marc, I turn this to you.)

Marc’s Sermon: Hope Is a Memory of the Future


Thank you everyone. Thank you Barbara, for that just gorgeous setting of intention.

We are using words here that are not simple, I want to speak that into the space.

We are talking about God.

How can we say “God”?

How many people have died in the name of God? I can’t believe it all.

Remember, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? (I date myself by that memory.)

Woodstock (2021 Remaster)

And yet we use the word God. We are reclaiming the word God. We’re reclaiming the word prayer. We are reclaiming that word church, which is so hard.

Many people have written in the comments, “Yes, I love Church.” Other people are saying, “No, Spiritual Center.” We get it. We get it, we’re getting it, together. Together, we’re doing this together. We are reclaiming a field of language and reinvesting that field with evolutionary intention.

Evolutionary Church is not politically correct, it is spiritually incorrect.

Evolutionary Church is not merely to comfort the afflicted. And yes, we must always comfort the afflicted. But Evolutionary Church is to afflict the comfortable because we recognize the distinction between comfort and pleasure. We think the opposite of pain is pleasure, but actually the opposite of pain is comfort, to be comfortably numb.

If we can date ourselves with that phrase again, if you remember it from earlier in our days, “comfortably numb,” Pink Floyd. “Comfortably numb.” We don’t want to just be comfortable. The goal of life in the Western world is so often to live as long as you can, as comfortably as you can, and then you die comfortably numb. We say that 60 is kind of the new 40, 80 is the new 60 and 100 is the new dead.

But my friends, we want to awaken to Pleasure.

We want to awaken to the Pleasure that drives Kosmos.

Evolution evolves because it feels good. There’s a quantum hedonism at the depth of Reality.

But Pleasure doesn’t mean ice cream.
Pleasure doesn’t mean inappropriate sexuality.
Pleasure doesn’t mean [the] wrong food.

Pleasure means the deepest pleasure of being alive, of living “on purpose,” of living our Telos and living our Eros. Barbara, what you, love, like to call, “living in a telerotic universe?”

What we want to do, dearest friends, this week, is to set our intention for what an Evolutionary Church might be.

  • A Church that’s not merely politically correct but which is spiritually incorrect.
  • A Church in which the god that you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.
  • A Church in which human dignity, men and women, count.
  • A Church that stands against the idea that the feminine is the good and the masculine is the bad. Masculine and feminine are both gorgeous. They both have light, they both have shadow and they both live within us.

Are we willing to speak truth to power?

To speak truth to power sometimes means to stand in integrity, to not be pressured, to find my own mind and to seek for deeper discernment.

Evolutionary Church is about articulating a memory of the future, a memory of the future my friends, because hope is a memory of the future.

As I work together with my beloved holy partner, Lady Barbara, to convene together with many other people around the world, all of us together, dozens of people, to convene a citizen’s Office for the Future owned by no one, owned by everyone, we want to articulate the memory of the future. One great master said, he said it in the original Aramaic, he said that when you wake up in the morning you have to articulate a memory of the future.

So what’s our memory of the future, my friends?

Let me try and share it with you briefly, just in a few words, and then Barbara will invite it into speech.

We are going to do this together.
We’re going to rise up together.
We’re going to transform together.
We’re going to convene together.

The next Buddha is a sangha filled with Buddhas. The next great emergence is not merely mastermind, but metamind, in which every individual is irreducibly unique and honored. And yet we come together in a collective field of resonance and intelligence, which is not prepersonal but transpersonal. Something emerges that is so much greater, synergistically, than the sum of the parts.

God dances in our voices as we bow in humility.

So here’s an intention, dearest friends, as we create a new language together.

We live in a world of outrageous pain. We live in a world of outrageous pain, and that is a statement of Dharma. By Dharma I mean the best understanding of Reality we have when we look at Reality with an unflinching eye. We live in a world of outrageous pain. 17,000 children die of starvation every day in a world that has enough to feed every child four times over.

Churches, be they new age platforms or old churches of the old form, are lost in power grabs. Actually, everyone has a place, but churches are lost in consolidating and commodifying Spirit, and selling it back to us.

News organizations are worried about being in the black, and they are turning elections into reality television. They are avoiding the deeper places that unite us Wow, what’s happening, my friends?

  • How could it be that we live in a world in which there are two billion people who don’t have basic human dignity?
  • How could it be that we live in a world in which hundreds of millions of people go to sleep alone at night, lost in the depth, the depravity of loneliness? In which their unique beauty, that was intended by all of Reality for 13.7 billion years, isn’t recognized, delighted in and honored?
  • How could we live in a world in which we don’t recognize that every human being is worthy, and every human being has a story to tell and to live, to sing and to celebrate?

Every story needs to be honored.
Every story is dignified.
Every story needs to be received.
Every story is impressed on Reality by the lips of the Divine.

How could we live in a world that’s not like that?

We live in a world of outrageous pain, but outrageous pain, suffering, isn’t merely a theological problem. Outrageous pain is, oh my god, outrageous pain is a failure of intimacy.

It’s a failure of intimacy. Outrageous pain is a failure of intimacy.

We can be excited, like Mick Jagger can be in a rock concert, because we feel the evolutionary impulse rising in us, and we are outraged by the suffering.

We live in a world of outrageous pain, my friends, and the only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love.

What does Outrageous Love mean?

We invite you, in Evolutionary Church, to come not as a consumer, but to come full on, open-hearted, blown open, wanting to change the world together.

We’re not putting on a production, this is not a production.

This is to produce the best within us.

We live in a world of outrageous pain, wow! The only response to outrageous pain is Outrageous Love.

What is Outrageous Love?

  • Outrageous Love is not merely the love that’s a strategy of the ego, it’s not ordinary love.
  • Outrageous Love is what Dante called the love that moves the sun and the stars.
  • Outrageous Love is the allurement at the very core of Kosmos that causes atoms to become molecules, molecules to make up the cells, and cells to become multicellular.
  • Outrageous Love is what Tagore talked about, the Bengali mystic, when he said, “Love is not mere human sentiment, love is the heart of existence itself.”
  • Outrageous Love is what we are calling Evolutionary Love.

When Barbara talked about a planetary awakening in Love, we’re not talking about ordinary love.

We are not talking about love which is a strategy of the ego.

We are not talking about that love which won’t take us home.

We are talking about Evolutionary Love. There’s an enormous difference between the two.

Hold someone’s hand that you love with ordinary love, the strategy of the ego love, your hand feels a little clammy and you want to get your hand out of there as soon as you can.

Hold someone’s hand with Evolutionary Love and the world stands still.

Pick up a baby… (I have four children, many of you have children or grandchildren, you have friends who have children.) Pick up a baby with ordinary love, the baby keeps crying. Pick up a baby with Evolutionary Love, with Outrageous Love, wow, wow! It’s a big deal. So gentle, so gentle, so gentle, so gentle.

  • So when we talk about outrageous pain, we’re not just talking to the people who are here with us.
  • We’re talking to all of our friends and we’re actually letting in the outrageous pain in the world.
  • We’re saying that outrageous pain isn’t a theological problem, it’s a failure of intimacy, it’s a failure to realize that we’re all one.
  • That if someone doesn’t have something to eat somewhere in the world, then we all don’t have something to eat.
  • If someone goes to sleep feeling brutalized, we all feel brutalized.
  • We stand together as expressions of Outrageous Love, expressions of Evolutionary Love, and we realize the answer to the question of, “Who are you?”
Photo by Kristina Tahel Amelong

The great question in Evolutionary Church is, “Who are you?”

It’s the question that we all need to answer.

We want to offer what we think is the best answer based on the best understandings of all of the great traditions of Spirit, the interior sciences. All the great traditions of psychology, all the great traditions of sociology, of systems theory, of chaos theory, of complexity theory, of evolutionary science.

The greatest answer to the question of, “Who are you?” is “Who am I? Who are we?”

Who are you?

You are an irreducibly unique expression of the LoveIntelligence and LoveBeauty that is the initiating and animating energy of All-That-Is. That lives in you, as you, and through you. That never was, is, or will be ever again, other than through you.


You are an irreducibly unique expression of the LoveIntelligence and LoveBeauty of all of Reality that’s telling a story in you, as you, and through you.

The universe is having a Tania experience.
The universe is having a Helene experience.
The universe is having a William experience.
The universe is having a Viviana experience.

And as such, you have an irreducible unique perspective, which manifests your unique capacity to give your unique gift, in your unique circle of intimacy and influence, that can be given by no one that ever was, is, or will be other than you.

You are the unique expression of Evolutionary Love that stands on the abyss of darkness and says, “Let there be light.”

With your unique frequency of light that can be articulated, expressed and shared by no one other than you.

So, do we have the right to get excited? Have we exiled excitement to fundamentalist churches? And do we call it preaching? No! We can get excited in a rock concert, we can get excited in an Evolutionary Church as long as our excitement is the excitement of evolution arising in us.

We have to feel the greatest passion possible.
The passion for transformation.
The passion for loving each other,
for awakening as Outrageous Love,
as Unique Selves in a Unique Self Symphony.

This will introduce Unique Self Symphony.

Unique Self Symphony, which is an expression of the self-organizing universe coming together to heal, to transform, to be awake and alive in Love.

So I turn to Barbara (as we move towards the last ten minutes of Evolutionary Church) as we awaken as Unique Selves in a Unique Self Symphony. I turn to Lady Barbara, so gently, to invite us to speak our voices into the Unique Self- Symphony.


Thank you Marc, thank you.

I am definitely an irreducible expression of the entire impulse of evolution speaking right now.

I want to say something that is so amazing to me. Many years ago I read from Teilhard de Chardin the idea that when the noosphere, the mind sphere — now the internet and social media sphere — gets its collective eyes, when it is filled with enough love and awareness, it will transform the earth into a field of love.

I believe that what is actually true [is] that everybody’s voice as an expression of that irreducible impulse of evolution, when it is consciously expressed and placed into the mind sphere or internet sphere that we’re now on, codes itself as part of the planetary birth.

What we are inviting you to do is to speak your voice, as I will speak mine. I am speaking my voice now as a frequency of evolution entering into the mind sphere, the nervous system of humanity, as one of the millions of impulses towards the planetary awakening. After a certain number of voices are heard in the Unique Self Symphony, resonating internally with that impulse, the planet will awaken to itself as a whole.

So what I’d like to do now, Marc, is invite people to state their voice as their commitment for this week. And even deeper than that, their commitment for their expression of evolution as a first member of Evolutionary Church of humanity.


Really hear what Barbara said so beautifully. That we’re speaking our voices into the Unique Self Symphony, and IT MATTERS.

The noosphere, the thinking level, the heart essence level of Reality hears that voice and it’s recorded, that voice is recorded.

We become part of the Unique Self Symphony and the planetary awakening in Love actually begins to happen right now.

Anyone who would like to write into the chat box,
— This is my unique gift that I’m going to give, that I’m committed to give.
— This is my unique contribution.
— This is my voice.
— This is what I’m standing for in Reality.

I want, before Barbara gives us a closing blessing and I close with the word, just to thank everyone for being here.

  • We are not politically correct, we are spiritually incorrect.
  • We are loving each other.
  • We want to love our way to enlightenment.
  • We are going to enact, together, this new emergent of consciousness.
  • We will respond to outrageous pain with Outrageous Love.
  • We awaken as Outrageous Love as a Unique Self Symphony.
  • We’re going to make mistakes along the way so forgive us our imperfections.
  • We’re going to be audacious.
  • We’re going to reach as far as we can, because a man’s reach, a woman’s reach should exceed her grasp — or what is heaven for?

Let’s rock this open so gently, so tenderly, so audaciously.

Barbara, beloved, give us a closing blessing.


The closing blessing is a confession, internally, of each person’s greatness.

The blessing for all of us,

through each of us,

is to say yes to that impulse within you

that is your highest expression of Love and Creativity,

and let that be so.

Thank you.

This is the opening of the first Evolutionary Church of humanity and you are all its co-creators.


Thank you.

Amen, amen. I close with the word amen. In the original language it means trust, it means to believe in each other. It means that the Divine trusts us to take this new evolutionary leap, together.

We live in a world of outrageous pain, and the only response is Outrageous Love.

Thank you all so very much.

We will see you together next week, same place, same time, audaciously, humbly, outrageously, a planetary awakening through Evolutionary Love as a Unique Self-Symphony.


Celebrate every Sunday in One Mountain:

Join Dr. Marc Gafni and the entire community in an evolutionary celebration this and every Sunday in One Mountain, Many Paths. Click here to register for free.



A Co-Creative Initiative of the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution Activating the Memory of the Future

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Dr. Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni

Author, Visionary Philosopher, Evolutionary Mystic, Social Innovator, and the President of the Center for Integral Wisdom. http://www.marcgafni.com