The Office for the future

Reality is at a crisis point. We stand poised between two futures. We are at a moment in history where the future could be the best of times, or the future could be the worst of times. We stand at a unique pivotal point poised between unbearable promise and joy and unbearable peril and devastation. In response to the demand of this moment, we are convening the Office for the Future.
The purpose of the Office for the Future is to articulate a set of First Principles and First Values, which are the context for the next great flowering of humanity. The First Principles and First Values activate the emergence of a new human and a new humanity, what we have called Homo amor, the fulfillment of Homo sapiens.

This is the new story of humanity that we need, to transform the exponential risk of the present and activate the exponential potential of the future. The world is changing so fast that the future is not going to look at all like today and certainly not like yesterday. We need to imagine the highest of all possible futures. We must articulate a global ethos for a global civilization, based on the New Story. The New Story is woven from First Values and First Principles, themselves drawn from the leading edge validated insights of the interior and exterior sciences, from the traditional and modern and postmodern epochs of human history.

This is our absolute obligation, absolute joy, and absolute gift to ourselves and to our children. It is the gift that the stakeholders of the future demand from us.



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Dr. Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni

Author, Visionary Philosopher, Evolutionary Mystic, Social Innovator, and the President of the Center for Integral Wisdom. http://www.marcgafni.com