Beyond the Victim vs Responsibility Split: The Emergence of Homo Amor

The short introduction below is taken from a spontaneous live talk given on the weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, which Dr. Marc Gafni co-founded together with his evolutionary partner. Barbara Marx Hubbard. These are unedited and unplugged excerpts of Dr. Gafni’s talk created by his students. Thus, the style of this story is the spoken word and not a formal essay. We recommend you to watch the featured clip and watch Dr. Gafni’s teaching on this topic.

We need to evolve the Source Code of Consciousness and Culture in regard to how we hold victimhood and responsibility. There is one powerful school of culture that stands for the victim in ways that are beautiful and sacred. But the shadow of this school is the fostering of a culture of victimization, in which the joy of responsibility disappears.

There is a second school in culture that stands for one hundred percent responsibility and claims that the only noble position is to take responsibility “as cause” for everything. The shadow of this position is a failure of compassion and empathy and a refusal to surrender and bow before the mystery of suffering.

In both our personal and collective lives, we need to move beyond this binary split between victimhood and responsibility and open up a new developmental mystical space. This is the space of Homo amor, who is both fully responsible and powerful and at the same time fully surrendered and in devotion.

This week we are going to dive deep into this paradox and seek together to articulate a next stage Evolution of the Source Code beyond the victim vs. responsibility split. Below is the code that we will be exploring.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

This Week’s Evolutionary Love Code:

“A manifestation of Global Intimacy Disorder is the embrace of victimhood and the avoidance of responsibility. Love and responsibility evolve in tandem, at every new stage of consciousness. We participate in the evolution of love even as we participate in the evolution of responsibility.

Love and responsibility are First Principles and First Calues of Kosmos.
There is no split between joy and responsibility.

We are not naturally good. We are inherently good. Goodness must be trained. Training goodness is ecstatic joy. Victimhood is natural. Victimhood tends to be our default mode. Responsibility is not natural. Responsibility is inherent. Responsibility must be trained. Training responsibility is ecstatic joy.

Responsibility means I have the capacity to respond to my reality and to turn fate into destiny. To turn fate into destiny may impact what happens in Reality in its exteriors. And it may not. Turning fate into destiny changes my experience of reality. Turning fate into destiny transforms my interiors. In the deeper view interiors drive Reality. In the deeper view interiors always transform exteriors.

Responsibility does not necessarily mean that I am the “cause” of my reality. To believe I am the sole cause of my reality is often a disguised form of narcissism. To believe that I am the sole cause of my reality embraces the First Principle and First Value of autonomy but denies the First Principle and First Value of communion. To believe that I am the sole cause for my reality is not Eros but pseudo-Eros.

Responsibility is not generic, it is Unique. I am responsible for playing my unique instrument in the Unique Self Symphony. There are no pure victims in the Unique Self Symphony. Responsibility is not some external thing you either take or don’t take. Responsibility is perspective. It is a lens through which and within which Reality occurs.”

— Dr. Marc Gafni

FEATURED CLIP: Beyond the Victim vs Responsibility Split: The Emergence of Homo Amor

Are you ready to play a larger game and take responsibility for the sake of the whole?

One Mountain, Many Paths is not merely a passive intellectual experience. It is a full on immersion in Source as we come together and dare to become the New Human and the New Humanity. Let’s go the whole way in this life time! Together we can create the more beautiful world we know is possible.

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