Eros and Existential Risk: 21 Steps to Homo amor — My Transformation is the Transformation of the Whole

A Note to the Reader

This piece is a lightly edited transcript of a live talk given by Dr. Marc Gafni on the weekly broadcast One Mountain, Many Paths, founded by Gafni and his evolutionary partner Barbara Marx Hubbard. Thus, the style of the piece is the spoken word and not a formal essay.

Edited and prepared for publication by Elena Maslova-Lenin.

It is the third part of Meditations on Seduction. Read part 1 and part 2, part 3 and part 4 here.

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The holy band: a vision of a planetary awakening in Unique Self Symphony

I am so madly delighted to be here. I have tears in my eyes. We got together right before the One Mountain Broadcast — with the inner team that does so much fantastic creative joy-work-vision in creating One Mountain — and I was just so happy to see everyone, and in the choice that we make to be here together. To know each other, to love each other, to be together, and to be the revolution.

To stand at the very core of the revolution as a band of Outrageous Lovers, and to envision what’s possible in the world.

In every generation, there has been what the interior sciences call the chevraya. The chevraya means the holy band; the band of Outrageous Lovers.

Sometimes it is translated from the Aramaic as the companions. The companions are usually a group — sometimes it’s three people, sometimes it’s eight, sometimes it’s a few dozen — who are at the core of a transformation of consciousness that is living at the periphery of society. It is not in the center of the mainstream, it’s at the periphery.

Imagine: at the time of Jesus, in Jerusalem, the center of society was the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate. The wealthy and the powerful, even in the Jewish community, were very much Hellenistic — meaning, they had, in some sense, assimilated and abandoned the vision of the revolution for the sake of power. For the sake of ephemeral, but seductive — in the sense of unholy seduction.

The seductive call of the siren — of superficial status, and superficial success, of instrumental climbing — which actually can never bring us joy.

It leaves us empty. It leaves us hollow — a form of pseudo-Eros which leaves us with incessant cravings that cannot be filled by the pallid fare — un-nourishing, almost repulsive in its aftertaste… The utter, bloated consumption of pseudo-Eros.

And then there was this band in Jerusalem — it happened to be a bunch of Jews — gathered around a teacher. They were all teachers, actually. In the new vision, they were all teachers, and they gathered, and there was a crucifixion.

At the crucifixion, how many people were there?

So few, right?

The parties were going on, and the revelry went on, and the powers of Rome went on, and that band held strong — they had a vision. They had a vision of a planetary Pentecost, to use the Christian word.

We call it today a planetary awakening in love through Unique Self Symphonies. Barbara Marx Hubbard, my dear evolutionary whole-mate — and I know you’re listening right now, Barbara — together, we called that planetary Pentecost a vision of a planetary awakening in Unique Self Symphonies. That group of people, those few dozen people, they come together — and they hold a vision.

  • They hold a vision of something that’s possible.
  • They hold the vision of the possibility of possibility, of a world that can’t quite yet be seen, of a fragrance of a new human and a new humanity, of the possibility of Homo sapiens becoming Homo amor.
  • It’s a vision of Eros, because pseudo-Eros itself is the very source of existential risk.

I want to share with you in, a couple of minutes, a vision of this Eros.

But before that, I just want to feel if I can, with permission, everyone, what it means to come together.

What does it mean, to come together, and why are we coming together?

We are coming together because we are poised in this moment between utopia and dystopia, between a world more beautiful than we could possibly imagine — and a world that’s crushed, in which upgraded algorithms control everything in dystopian meta-verses, as Facebook becomes Meta.

The world decided Facebook is not a good thing, and Facebook decided the world is not a good thing. Facebook’s response was: “Well, actually, the world is not a good thing. Let’s actually get rid of the world and go virtual.”

Think about that, what does it mean to enter a meta-verse, which is disembodied at its core, in which every single movement is measured computationally, so you have literally commodified all of Reality? Every move you make, and every breath you take, we’ll be watching you, we’ll be tracking you; we’ll be computing, and measuring, and quantifying.

Every single move you make becomes transactional in the service — not of a greater good, but in the service of direct or indirect profit for the people who are actually controlling the meta-verse. Pseudo-Eros in the extreme!

That’s one dystopian vision of the future.

But there are other dystopian visions which involve actual existential risk, which means there is actually no future at all, and we are at the last generation of humanity. Those dystopian visions are real.

Then there are other visions that involve catastrophic risk, and catastrophic risk means massive suffering or death to billions.

At the core of these risks is a set of structural factors that are happening right now:

  • Extraction models — extracting resources from the earth that it took billions of years to create.
  • Exponential growth curves, which are in place in order to meet rivalrous conflicts governed by win-lose metrics.
  • Developing certain forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that should not be developed, which are being developed anyways because there’s a race to the bottom. Multipolar traps: “I know you’re going to develop it, so I better do it so that you don’t.” Win-lose metrics.

All of it is happening as everyone is focused on the short-term. All the long-term structural things are at play in creating the seeds of potential destruction, and everyone looks away. Everyone looks away — not because they are bad, but because no one quite knows what to do about it.

No one quite knows what to address, because there is no shared grammar of value.

Because we are not living in a shared story of value that would allow us to overcome the Global Intimacy Disorder, which undermines our ability for global resonance, which then undermines our ability for global coordination — which is what we need in order to enact global solutions to every one of these global existential risks.

But at the core, what is driving it? Underneath all of it, what is driving it?

What’s driving it is a collapse of Eros.

Elena Maslova-Lenin. Holy band.

Eros means the unbearable goodness of being and the unbearable need for me, for my life, for who I am

Eros means that I live in a shared story of value in which I experience that shared story of value:

  • I have an immediate and direct experience of the Goodness of Reality,
  • I have an immediate and direct experience of the Beauty of Reality,
  • I have an immediate and direct experience of the Truth of Reality.
  • I understand that everything is connected to everything, and that those everything-s that are connected are not interconnected its, but it is an interconnected, pulsing, throbbing, living organism.
  • That every one of us is a cell in that organism, even as we are irreducibly unique and individuated.
  • That each of us are individuated expressions of that organism with irreducible dignity, and each of us have a gift to give that addresses a unique need in that larger organism.
  • That unique need lives in our unique circle of intimacy and influence, a need that could be addressed directly by us.
  • And that addressing — that gift that’s ours to give — is the great joy of our lives.

That’s what Eros means. Eros means the experience, number one, that it’s good right now; and number two, that I have purpose, that I have need, that I have meaning, that I have a gift to give that’s desperately needed by the whole. Those are the two dimensions of Eros.

  • Number one: the irreducible goodness of being, the unbearable goodness of being.
  • Number two: the unbearable necessity, the need, for me, for my life, for who I am. I’m desperately needed!

That’s what Eros means.

When Eros isn’t there, you have pseudo-Eros. When you can’t live in that story of value, you have pseudo-Eros.

That experience is what we are going to come together this summer at the Outrageous Love Festival to talk about. We are going to come together this summer, and we’re going to spend seven days talking about how we can actually address existential risk by enacting a New Story of value, which is a New Story of Eros. We are not going to be doing any marketing for the summer, we’re going to send the same mailing every day, which is, show up!

Show up because you are needed.

Show up because it matters.

Show up because you care.

Show up because there’s going to be an unspeakable field of joy, like you’ve never experienced before, like I’ve never experienced before. Because we’re going to create a new possibility. We are going to talk about…

  • What does sex have to do with it?
  • What’s the relation between the sexual and the erotic?
  • What does love have to do with it?
  • What’s the relationship between sex, love, and Eros?
  • What does value have to do with it?
  • What’s the relationship between sex, love, Eros, and value?
  • We are going to be looking at each of our sacred autobiographies, and my own personal story, and see how this lives in my personal story, and how I could — how we could, actually each of us, as the band of Outrageous Lovers — write a new chapter in our personal story, that actually changes the course of the whole.

That’s what it means to be what the Zohar calls in the 13th century, the chevraya. The band of Outrageous Lovers, the revolutionaries.

Are you willing to cross to the other side?

When you step in as a revolutionary, you step in and say:

“I’m not going to be Homo sapiens, I’m going to be Homo amor.”

Barbara and I used to say to each other, we would call each other five times a day — for the last five years of Barbara’s life, we communicated five times a day, every day — and we’d say to each other: are you on the other side with me, are you ready to go to the other side?

One of the original iconoclasts — icon is an idol, and iconoclast is someone who breaks the idols — is named Abraham, Ibrahim in Islamic. He’s a major figure in the original sacred text of the Bible. Abraham is called Abraham the Hebrew, and Hebrew means Ivri: the one who crossed to the other side.

So I want to just ask you a question.

Are you willing to cross to the other side?

Are you willing to step into the mystical interior scientific significance of your life, in which you say:

I’m joining the band of Outrageous Lovers. I’m going to make my life matter so much, because I understand that I live in the field of the whole, and I actually have a glimpse of fragrance of enlightened consciousness, which every great system of interior science realized, which means I actually experience that the whole lives in me. I live in the Intimate Universe, I live in the whole; it’s all interconnected. But I have this realization, the sense that the whole actually also lives in me. It’s all in me, so I can feel the whole.

That’s why you can do mathematics. The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics — how a mathematician can stretch and feel the whole Kosmos backwards and forwards, and express it in a mathematical formula — is because the whole lives in me.

I live in the Intimate Universe, and the Intimate Universe lives in me.

That’s what Homo amor knows. That’s what the Outrageous Lover knows.

So I just wanted to so gently ask you: Are you willing to play a larger game, but for real?

To actually step in and say:

I am in this band of Outrageous Lovers, and I am going to go out of my way.

I am going to inconvenience my small self, I am going to inconvenience my contracted self, I am going to inconvenience my ego self.

I am going to get underneath the public game that I am playing.

I am going to get underneath my attacking.

I just saw a blog of somebody, who basically spends his time attacking influencers in order to become one. But he doesn’t tell that he’s trying to become an influencer. In other words, the pseudo-Erotic craving for attention, as the person self-righteously (Joseph McCarthy style) attacks influencers; dog-piles information, distorts, lies. But really what they are doing is — it is actually a desperate move of pseudo-Eros: I’m going to attack, and I’m going to attack influencers because I desperately crave to be like them.

Everyone’s got their hidden little strategy.

Can I give that up? Can I give up that small, contracted, coiled, desperate craving — actually step into the goodness of my life?

  • The goodness of my Unique Self, the unbearable joy of my existence, and the knowing that actually, I do have a gorgeous contribution to make. I’ve got a song to sing, a poem to write.
  • A way of laughing, living, loving, and being and becoming in the world, that never was, is, or will be, other than through me.
  • My instrument is desperately needed in the Unique Self Symphony, as I play and listen to all the other instruments, and feel the interconnectivity of all with the All.

That’s Eros.

  • We get a fragrance of it in sexuality.
  • We get a fragrance of it in creativity.
  • We get a fragrance of it in transformation.
  • We get a fragrance of it in innovation.
  • We get a fragrance of it in service.

Like, wow!

So are we ready? I want to ask you, band of Outrageous Lovers — tears in my eyes:

Are we ready?

Where are we in Jerusalem?

Are we with the Roman procurators in the games of politics and surface power? Often, we’re disguising ourselves as the righteous rescuers when actually, we are the predators. Are we speaking pretty words, and dressing ourselves up with the charades of pretty costumes of righteousness, but actually, we are driven by a kind of naked emptiness?

Or are we willing to step into our Eros, and feel the pulse of Reality, quite literally moving through us? To go on a psychedelic journey of unbearable joy, where I feel the joy pulse of Kosmos awake and alive in me.

When I’m no longer in pseudo-eros, I step into Eros. And when we democratize that experience, it’s not just the experience of a master here, or a master there. All masters are, by the way, broken, and all masters are imperfect vessels for the light.

So when I say “master”, I don’t mean the perfect one. I mean those who are willing to lay their lives on the line to feel that pulse, and that’s all of us. It’s not one master, it’s not two. We’ve got to move beyond the old vision of the master, we’ve got to become masters together. We’ve got to create a Unique Self Symphony.

It’s not about Jesus anymore. It’s about the Unique Self Symphony.

But the Unique Self Symphony is often at the periphery of culture. Are we willing to move from the feasts in Jerusalem, 2,000 years ago?

The Jerusalem of today means your ashalem: full consciousness.

Are we ready to stand by the cross, or the Mogen David, or the Buddhist symbol, or the secular humanist symbol?

Are we ready to stand in value?

Are we ready to join the band of Outrageous Lovers?

To know that my transformation is the transformation of the whole?

That’s the experience, that’s the knowing of Homo amor.

Twenty one steps to Homo Amor

The knowing of Homo amor, here it is:

  1. Reality is evolution.
  2. Evolution is the process of becoming.
  3. Underneath becoming is being, the utter goodness of Kosmos.
  4. Becoming is the process of transformation.
  5. Reality is a series of transformations.
  6. We’ve come now to the human level of Reality, and the human level of Reality has gone through transformation after transformation, many of them have brought unbearable joy. But our exponential technologies have also brought us to a place of unbearable risk to our very existence.
  7. This requires a new transformation. Like always, a crisis is an evolutionary driver, and a crisis is always a crisis of intimacy.
  8. The crisis of intimacy today, this global intimacy disorder, is that we are not living together — 7.8 million of us — in a shared story of value.
  9. We are clashing into each other in win-lose metrics, in desperate moves to be seen, desperate gambits for power and status — but we are doing it now with exponentialized and weaponized technologies.
  10. Those technologies are available to rogue players, to non-state actors. There’s a race to the bottom, we are producing that which can destroy us.
  11. How do we shift that? We shift that by articulating a New Story of value, and that New Story of value is not held by an elite.
  12. The New Story of value lives in the new human and the new humanity. We actually birth a new structure of consciousness in the world. That’s what we did with democracy. A thousand years ago, democracy didn’t exist, it was a joke. There was no possibility that there would be governance through something called democracy. But today it exists. That’s how the evolution of consciousness takes place.
  13. This New Story of value is the emergence of Homo sapiens as Homo amor, where we understand that the whole lives in us even as we live in the whole, and that, actually, my transformation is the leading-edge of evolution.
  14. Because who am I? I am evolution. Evolution is not a fact out there. Evolution is a process that is the actual structure of Kosmos, which I am an expression of. The evolutionary impulse doesn’t live out there, the evolutionary impulse lives in me.
  15. I am a unique expression of the evolutionary impulse, and so the process of evolution which is a series of transformations is taking place in me.
  16. My transformation is the transformation of the whole. My transformation transforms the whole. Like, wow! Can we begin to feel it? My transformation actually transforms the whole.
  17. I am willing to be one of those who joins the band of Outrageous Lovers, and says, “I’m willing to lay my life down, not to give it up, but to live it in a way where I actually understand that I’m the superhero. I’m actually the superhero. It’s not Superman, I’m the superhero.” One of the things I love about superhero movies is that superheroes are becoming more human, more flawed, more complex. They are holding the holy and broken Hallelujah.
  18. I might have skipped 18, but let’s make it 19.
  19. I am the superhero, I am in the band of Outrageous Lovers. I’m stepping up and stepping in. I’m waking up, I’m growing up, I’m showing up. And I understand that, as Homo amor, my transformation matters.
  20. My transformation is the transformation of the whole. Now, when that realization moves from a very small band of the elite — the masters in every generation who understood that they were axis mundi (what the Sufis called “the pole that connected heaven and earth”) — so when that realization moves beyond an elite group of masters, we actually manifest together this new human and a new humanity, which expresses itself as a planetary awakening in love through Unique Self Symphonies.
  21. This means the democratization of enlightenment. When we join the band of Outrageous Lovers together, existential risk disappears.

Because the extraction model recedes.

Because the multipolar traps, all of a sudden, seem ridiculous.

Because we step into a shared story of value.

Because we can actually stand in value and challenge that which is against the greater good.

We can, for example, create a new Digital Communications Act, like we did a hundred years ago when radio began in the world, which would transform social media into what the old legal precedents demanded. Brandeis’s decision and Frankfurter’s decision in the courts in America — just like radio needed to be for the public good, social media is not just a privatized, neutralized effort at technology. It is a public service that has to be for the public good. We can actually create a Digital Communications Act, adopted universally around the world, which changes social media from the divisive polarizing force, into a force that’s for the public good. It is complex maneuver, and utterly necessary, Digital Communications Act.

There’s a thousand things we can do when we have a shared grammar of value. We can do this!

So every week we come together here on One Mountain to speak this revolution.

That’s why we’re going to get together this summer at the Outrageous Love Festival (online and offline in Europe). You can join us online, but if you can, actually get a ticket, make the effort, and join us in person. Because you know that your being there matters.

The two people that run this Festival, Chahat Aden Corten and claire molinard, put thousands of hours into it. They get paid nothing, it’s a joke. There are so many people here who put thousands of hours. I didn’t see if JoySee was here today, this incredible woman who’s done this incredible work — gathering transcripts and editing them, and pointing us, and learning how it should be. In other words, just incredible work of love of this Outrageous Lover, JoySee, which I just celebrate today, and I bow before you in mad devotion and mad honor. Oh my God, there are so many Outrageous Lovers here.

Are we ready to play a larger game? Are we ready? Are we ready to actually be the band of Outrageous Lovers, and to participate together in the evolution of love?

That’s what we are here for.

Next week, we are going to have a beautiful rally for the Festival. We will answer questions, and talk about what it’s going to be, and we will just dance together. We will be in the energy and build this Festival together. I am so excited to be with you. I’m so excited to be with you right now.

In this generation, this is ours to do.

When I say “ours to do”, I mean: in concert with all the great people and forces around the world, the wonderful, gorgeous people. But there’s not a lot of us. There are few people who can actually see around the corner. This is not a grandiose claiming. This is a desperate, beautiful, radically joyous, awake realization, that we need to be like da Vinci in the Renaissance. I have pointed out a thousand times what Paul Tillich, the cultural critic and thinker, points out — that there were about a thousand people at the core of the Renaissance.

This is the moment in which there’s a crisis of intimacy, and that crisis needs to be met by a new evolution of intimacy. The crisis is an evolutionary driver, and the new emerging needs to be Homo amor: a new experience of what it means to be a human being. The move from pseudo-Eros to Eros, where we all gather in the public square, and we seduce ourselves to our own greatness.

  • We seduce ourselves to our own greatness! We confess our greatness…

This is the core of One Mountain. It’s the core of the band of Outrageous Lovers. It’s the core of the chevraya: the companions, again, translating from the Aramaic. It’s the core of what Philip Wexler, in a wonderful book, calls the mystical society.

Ode to Joy

An active meditation

I want to show you a vision of it, which we looked at about a year or a year and a half ago. I thought about it this morning when I was thinking about One Mountain, and it really captures everything.

We are going to go to a scene in Italy. I want to take a look at the relationship of Eros to pseudo-Eros, and how Eros responds directly to existential risk. How do you invoke Eros?

Remember, there are two parts to Eros. One part of Eros is the experience that it’s already good right now; the intrinsic goodness of being, the unbearable goodness of being. That’s one. It’s the opposite of Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being, it’s the unbearable goodness of being. That’s number one. Number two: I’ve got a unique gift, and that unique gift makes music in the Unique Self Symphony.

I want to ask everyone, if you can — we are going to do this as a practice — to watch every face carefully, and then we are going to have a discussion in the chat box about what happened. Then we are going to go into prayer, and Krista Josepha is going to take us into a particular song, a particular way of making this alive.

So who is ready to go to Italy?

Let’s take a journey. Let’s go to Italy.

— I’m going to ask everyone, as we go to Italy: Hold your attention.

— — Hold your attention.

— — Place your attention in the center.

— — Don’t get distracted.

— — Be the master of your attention.

— — Step inside.

We are doing a meditation here, it’s what is called an active meditation.

It’s not that we are going into silence, we are going into actually watching, actually seeing what’s happening in front of us.

We are going to Italy.

We are going to meditate in Italy.

It’s what Dalai Lama said to me, he said, it’s an act of meditation: watch every face, watch what happens.

We are on the inside together, band of Outrageous Lovers. Here we go. Italy, coming at us.

Witnessing the exteriors

Now what just happened? (That’s what we are doing this summer, that’s what the Festival is.)

But stay close, what was that?

They are sitting there in a square in Italy, maybe near Firenze. What happens?

I’m going to track the chat box. What was that?

Don writes: music carries the words, hearts opened, joy, connection, allurement, symphonizing; Unique Self Symphony.

Yes, totally. But we are going to practice now slowly.

Let’s go one step at a time.

In order to know what happened, you have to start on the outside, and then go to the inside.

There are exteriors and interiors. First, just start in the beginning, what were the exteriors? How did it start?

A child puts a piece of money. Just the facts, what happened?

The child.

Who was the child, was it a boy or a girl? — It was a girl.

About how old was she? Let’s collect the moment. — She was about five, six, seven, or eight.

She goes up to a man. Go slow.

She goes up to a man: he is bald, about middle age.

What was he wearing? — A man 50–60, dressed kind of classically.

He was the one person in the whole place who wears a tuxedo, so you know that something is happening.

She puts a little money in his hat, and she looks: what’s going to happen?

That little girl lives in us. That little girl is us who puts a little piece of money in the hat and wants to see what’s going to happen, what’s going to come out of that hat?

Now, did you see?

She is curious, someone wrote, and he was already playing his instrument. Did you see the little twinkle in his eye? There was a little light. There is a twinkle in his eye, and it begins.

Then, who was the second person who joined, anyone saw the second person?

A lady. A woman with a cello.

She joins, and she does it very quietly. About how old is she? She’s probably also about 50. She joins, and then she starts playing. She joins.

Now, is she wearing a tuxedo? — No, no tuxedo there.

Is anyone else in the whole scene wearing evening clothes that you wear to Symphony? — Nope, everyone’s wearing these very ordinary clothes.

Then one person joins, and then another person, and then another person. Then you see people watching, somebody looks up.

A young child looks up.

An old woman looks up.

A group of boys: wow, what’s that?

Slowly, another person, and another person joins, and another person and another person looks up and they see: wow, what’s this?

Now, lots of people didn’t quite know how to be there, so they did what people do today.

When you don’t know how to be there, what do you do?

You take a picture.

You hold up your phone to watch it — which is actually sweet and beautiful. Not bad people, beautiful.

But it is a way of not being there.

Does everyone get what I mean?

  • We think that if we didn’t record it, if it doesn’t appear on social media, if we cannot forward it to somebody else, it didn’t happen. That’s the tragedy of the commodified society. We are never here in the fullness of the moment.
  • We are actually asking ourselves a question: did we create a social media post, can we forward this?
  • We are actually never present, and a life that’s not public, and recorded, and doesn’t get a certain amount of likes, and a certain amount of attention, is considered to be not a life.

That’s how you get to the Metaverse, in which you live in a truly commodified Reality. Does everyone get this? Like, wow!

That’s why, when you travel, leave your camera behind!

Show up in the eternity of the moment.

All of a sudden, this square is transformed into shimmering joy

Let’s go back to our square in Firenze. There we are, everyone is there.

Slowly, everybody comes together. And what do they experience?

… Schiller’s words to Beethoven’s Symphony, Ode to Joy.

What happens?

All of a sudden, this square is transformed into shimmering joy.

  • Now, did anyone in the square win the lottery?
  • Did anyone solve a relationship issue happening at home?
  • Did anyone have great sex?
  • Did anyone get a promotion at work?
  • Did anyone have some problem in their life solved?

None of that happened! Does everyone get that? None of that happened, and yet, everyone stepped into joy.

Let me ask you a question.

Was there only a particular group of people that stepped into joy?

No. Everyone, everyone, everyone stepped fully into joy.

It is so beautiful, Ode to Joy.

We enter, Daughters of Elysium, which is the great mystery in the Greek tradition. We enter, drunk with fire. Heavenly one, thy sanctuary! Thy magic. It’s complete magic! Thy magic binds again — your magic binds means “brings us together” — what custom strictly divided.

Does everyone see what happens in that?

What custom divided — meaning all of the win-lose metrics, all of the conventions that divided everyone in the square. Everyone was locked in their own rivalrous conflict win-lose metrics, contracted, Separate-Self life. Then,

… drunk with fire,

We enter again your sanctuary.

The magic binds what custom divided,

and all people become brothers and sisters

where your gentle wing abides.

Whoever has succeeded in this great attempt,

to be a friend’s friend.

This is what it’s about — it is about a jubilation.

That’s what we are doing this summer at the Festival, and that’s what we do every week at One Mountain. We are actually stepping into this union.

The joy was always there

Now, what stepped them in? How did they get inside?

They were seduced.

It was a seduction. It was a holy seduction.

That’s what we’re talking about here: it was a holy seduction.

Imagine Reality.

Reality has its exteriors. But in every second of Reality, in every moment, there’s a door. It’s an invisible door, but it’s always there. That door has a key, and you can open that door, and music is one of the ways to open that door.

Music is a key, and Outrageous Love is a key.

You place the key of Outrageous Love, or the key of music, or the key of practice through meditation, or the key of studying a sacred text, or the most powerful key — which is the key of coming together as a band of Outrageous Lovers, and loving each other outrageously for the sake of the evolution of love.

  • You place a key in that door,
  • and you open the door,
  • and you step inside,
  • and you realize that joy was always there.

You open the door, and you realize that you have always been inside!

  • That it has always been an Ode to Joy.
  • That every place you’ve been, you needed to be.
  • That no one is an extra on the set, and no action was unnecessary.
  • That all of eternity resides in every moment, and every human being participates in the continuity of consciousness and an immortality.
  • That all of Reality reaches for its own wholeness in every second, and that is the true nature of what is.
  • That we don’t need to look for the meaning of life — because there’s nothing to search for, it’s right here, and available right now in its utter fullness for its own sake.
  • That all men and women are brothers and sisters.

Was anyone excluded from that circle?

I ask you, my friends, was anyone excluded from that circle?

No one. Did anyone in that circle win anything in the win-lose metrics? Was there one thing in the rivalrous conflict governed by win-lose metrics, in that square in Firenze, or wherever it was? Nothing! Yet, everyone opened the door and stepped into the Infinity of Intimacy, the field of joy.

That is what we are here together to do.

We are here together as a band of Outrageous Lovers.

We are coming together this summer at the Festival, to enact a story of value, which democratizes enlightenment, which invites every person to take up their instrument in the Unique Self Symphony.

You might think that the only people playing their instrument in that square were the musicians. But they were actually infused with love, blown open with love, by everybody around them. Each person who opened their heart made the music more clean, and more pure, and more wonderful.

Can you imagine, could they have done that piece of music in a basement someplace by themselves?

No, they couldn’t have done it the same way. They could have played the music. But this piece of music, this moment, this joy, needed every single person, every child. Did you see that child who was on the pole? Did you see that guy, that older guy who was kind of unshaven, who said, wow?

Then everyone was weeping. Schiller, everyone was weeping from this union! Tears of joy, weeping from this union.

We need to create that Symphony in every city, in every town, in every language.

But we cannot just do it through Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

It all depends on me, and it all depends on you.

We have to write the story of value that creates that joy, which is the story of Unique Self, which is the story of realizing that I am a unique expression of the Eros, the evolutionary impulse, that lives in me, as me, and through me.

That my instrument, playing with other instruments, in a planetary awakening in love in Unique Self Symphony.

That my transformation transforms the whole thing.

There are no evening clothes, there are no ordinary people — each one a superhero, each one gorgeous beyond imagination. Wow!

Then at that moment, every single person in that audience could look at each other and say, and know the truth of the following.

How could anyone ever tell you that you are anything less than beautiful?

How could anyone ever tell you that you are less than whole?

How could anyone fail to notice, band of Outrageous Lovers, that our loving is a miracle, and how deeply we’re connected to each other’s souls?

That’s prayer!

Sometimes prayer is when I ask for everything, and we need to do that. We need to turn to the Infinity of Intimacy, and ask for everything. But there’s another kind of prayer, which is called in the interior sciences, v’ani tefillah: I am prayer.

I just become prayer myself.

I become prayer myself when I’m playing my instrument in the Unique Self Symphony,

I am giving my gift,

and I am in the unbearable goodness of being in this very moment.

I want to ask everyone — if you’re up for it, if you can, if you’re willing — to weep from this union, and say:

It all depends on me.

It’s a big deal! That’s not narcissism.

It is knowing that you have a unique instrument in the Unique Self Symphony, that you and I together are Homo amor. That there is no guru. There could be teachers (I need a job) — but the ultimate teacher is the Unique Self Symphony, it’s all of us together.

Knowing that my transformation is the transformation of the whole. So our symbol for that today is: it all depends on me. Then, the next sentence:

It all depends on you.

That’s what it means. It all depends on me, and it all depends on you.

There’s no love without seduction. Seduction is a First Principle and First Value of Kosmos. Wisdom is to distinguish between holy seduction and unholy seduction. Holy seduction seduces upwards; unholy seduction seduces downwards. Unholy seduction: I seduce you to violate your appropriate boundary for the sake of my greed. Holy seduction: I seduce you to transcend the boundary of your limitation - of your contraction - for the sake of yours and reality’s deepest need. Everyone is seduced; the question is, to trust the right person to seduce you. Or people, or art, or music, or dharma…



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