Essential Things You Need For Your Business Trip Abroad

A handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything even during a last-minute packing for a business trip

Even though flying around the world or visiting the continent on business might sound glamorous, it can be quite a demanding and disruptive experience. From checking-in and going through security at the airport to hiring a rental car and living out of a suitcase, there are several things a seasoned business traveller doesn’t look forward to.

At the same time, you need to remain focused on why you’re out of the office in the first place. Along with attending important meetings or product presentations, you’ll need to remain civilised and courteous around clients, which can be difficult if you’re jet lagged or feeling tired.

Therefore, anything that can make your business trip abroad a little less stressful is bound to be warmly welcomed, so don’t forget about packing the following items.

Essential items

Documentation — As well as your passport and driver’s license, you’ll also need to remember travel itineraries, accommodation reservations, health insurance documents and emergency contact information. These can usually be found on your phone or tablet, but paper copies are always a good idea. So make sure you have plenty of printer accessories and supplies to rely on.

Cards and money — Credit and debit cards are perfect for business trips, as they are quick, convenient, provide buyer protection and can be used almost anywhere. What’s more, if you need to submit expenses, receipts and records can usually be found online too. Although money isn’t quite as flexible, cold hard cash is the only viable payment method in certain situations, so always have some Euros or Dollars in your possession.

Mini-first aid kit — You never know what might happen when you’re away from home, so having a supply of painkillers, plasters and other important medical items is highly recommended. Tissues, wet wipes and even toilet roll never go a miss either.

Toiletries and clothing — There is a good chance your hotel will stock various toiletries, but having your own supply is imperative if you’re travelling around a lot. As for clothes, smart and formal items are obviously needed for work, but after a busy day you’ll appreciate some more comfortable attire. Depending on your job or type of business, you might need some protective clothing too.

Travel accessories — A stressful or uncomfortable journey can seriously affect your mood and has the potential to ruin any business trip. Therefore, it might be a good ideal to take some travel accessories such as a neck pillow or ear plugs to make the journey as pleasant as possible. Hopefully, you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and at ease.

Electrical items

Smartphone — It is difficult to imagine life without smartphones, as we rely so heavily on them for both work and personal life. Numerous navigation and translation apps are bound to come in handy for finding your way around a foreign country, but accessories including protective cases and car chargers will be extremely useful too.

Tablet or laptop — Even though laptop bags and trolleys make it easier to carry these machines around, more and more people are using tablets in the working environment too. Along with productivity apps, Bluetooth keyboards and other accessories make tablets incredibly functional devices.

Headphones — Great for the journey as well as in the office, headphones are another business trip essential. Both padded headsets and in-ear headphones enable you to relax and unwind or have important conversations without interruption.

Plug adapter — One of the most important and indispensible items when you’re away from home is also one of the most forgotten too. Thankfully, travel plug adaptors are very cheap and can be used time and time again. Nearly every European country has the same kind of socket and while US and Australian plugs are different, the same adapter can be used.

Additional power — The problem with our favourite handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras is that the batteries don’t last forever and will need charging every now and again. Therefore, items that give your smartphone additional power or an extra supply of batteries are often invaluable.

Work items

Stationery — Although we are surrounded by a multitude of electronic devices that make working life a lot easier and efficient, some good old-fashioned stationery always comes in handy. Therefore, always have a pen and paper close-by as well as a diary or personal organiser too. Remember that smartphones can’t always be used while travelling and the battery can run out before you know it.

Storage devices — From USB flash drives to SD memory cards, you can never have enough storage devices. Backing up important data and documents is crucial, as you never know what could happen to your laptop, tablet or desktop machine. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, you can always create an additional back up in the cloud too.

Presentation equipment ­– First impressions count and if you’ve got to make an important presentation, your audience might not appreciate it when technology lets you down. Therefore, be sure you’ve got appropriate presentation accessories and equipment that you can rely on.

Equipment security — Even if you’re travelling to see a trusted client or an internal department located abroad, security should always be a prime concern. Not only is an expensive asset at stake, so too are irreplaceable or even sensitive documents and data. Therefore, consider taking some computer security equipment with you for protection against regrettable incidents.

Camera — If you’ve got enough time on your hands, there may be a chance to take some pictures of the local tourist attractions and landmarks. But utilising your photography skills in the office or working environment can be very beneficial when you get back home. Therefore, think about taking a camera with you as well.

Business trip essentials summary

Several of the aforementioned items might not be applicable, as a lot will depend on the length and type of trip. But any businessman or woman is bound to appreciate a helping hand with electronic devices, travel accessories and work-related equipment.

First and foremost, think of your business trip like a standard holiday. You’re still going to need several similar items even if the purpose of your getaway is very different. While the journey might not last very long, it could make or break the success of any trip, so try and make this bit hassle-free and enjoyable.

Then turn your mind to the work side of things. Plan out your days before you leave and don’t be afraid to take more than you need. Not having the necessary equipment or failing to deliver what is required could render any trip pointless and have damaging consequences to the business.

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