As multiple COVID-19 vaccines have arrived and are becoming more readily available, establishing a safe and effective vaccination program should be a priority to ensure that the entire population would receive preventative treatment smoothly and quickly.

The existing error-prone system and manual process are slowing down the Vaccination and Distribution drive, Many locations are facing a shortage of Vaccine Doses, In other cases, there is huge wastage of vaccines in some locations.

For the Government agencies, healthcare and life sciences organizations, hospitals need a powerful vaccine management platform is an absolute must, but Not every healthcare organization or government agency…

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Companies and organizations are developing and deploying solutions at a faster rate than ever before. The demand for developers drastically increased beyond the current supply of professionals to create apps and software. But there is rising usage of low code development services and tools in the past few years.

Low-code platforms are services that allow teams to build apps without having to start from scratch. The low code market is on the rise, expected to increase to $187 billion by 2030.

Of course, there are pros and cons of low-code platforms as services in this category are relatively young and…

What is Officexlr?

Officexlr is a Low-code application development platform to create custom business applications, Officexlr provides Visual App Builder, Report Engine, Role-based permission manager and Java Script Editor in a single platform. Know More

Officexlr inviting consultants and technology partners to join us on this journey to build and implement superior business solutions that create customer happiness.

Officexlr will allow you to quickly and easily build tailored software to fit your customers’ needs. So, You can deliver the solutions as unique as your client’s requirements.

The Deal

With Officexlr you can utilise your industry experience to build and deliver enterprise solutions faster with less team, You can also provide additional services such as consultation, onboarding, implementation, and customization to increase your revenue.

Our revolutionary…


Low Code Platform to Create Business Apps

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