4 Haunted Highways to Avoid on Halloween 2019

Halloween is a great time for facing fears. Before you head out to your Halloween party, join Mothership on a tour of some of the most haunted highways in the United States. Are you brave enough to read on?

Oct 30, 2019 · 4 min read

1. Clinton Road in New Jersey

About an hour away from Manhattan, Clinton Road is a 10-mile stretch that urban legends say is haunted by ghost children and mutant animal hybrids. At night this drive is pitch black, which makes reports of phantom headlights that follow drivers and disappear into thin air all the more spooky — where else could those lights be coming from after all?

In the darkness, the sharp turns of Clinton Road are incredibly dangerous. It’s not a place you’d want to be driving while spooked, and both locals and tourists alike believe the accidents that happen on Clinton Road have led to the many ghost sightings over the years. Most people give this rural road a wide berth, creating space for evil-doers like the mythical Jersey Devil to operate in relative obscurity.

2. Route 2A in Maine

It’s hard to determine exactly when things started to go wrong around Route 2A in Maine’s Haynesville Woods. By 1965, ghost stories about this road had circulated so widely that there was even a hit song about this route, A Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless. Legends say this highway is haunted by the spirits of innumerable truckers who lost their lives crashing out on an infamous hairpin turn while delivering potatoes and other cargo to Boston.

Some who have driven down this spooky stretch say they’ve had the unsettling opportunity to interact with extra-dimensional inhabitants of the Haynesville Woods. One of these is the spirit of a little girl who died there on August 22, 1967, who still wanders the road asking passersby for a ride before disappearing from the passenger’s seat.

3. Archer Avenue in Illinois

Chicago’s Archer Avenue is widely believed to be the most haunted part of the city. It connects lakes, rivers, cemeteries, and religious gathering spaces where urban legends say restless ghosts and spirits have found their homes. The ghosts of horses, terrorized monks, and Resurrection Mary lurk have been sighted by numerous locals.

One of the spookiest things about Resurrection Mary sightings is how consistent the tales of her appearances are. Those who are graced by her presence report seeing a woman who is blonde with blue eyes, wandering in a white party dress and fancy shoes. Legend has it she was out dancing with her boyfriend one night, but she decided to walk home alone after they got into a fight. She never made it home—legend has it she was hit by a bus—but her ghost still accepts offers for a ride home. If you’re not ready to escort her to Resurrection Cemetery and watch her disappear among the graves, stay away from Archer Avenue!

4. That highway where your last shipment fell apart

As Q4 ramps up, on-time deliveries are more important and complicated than any other time of the year. If you’re dealing with the stress of a missed pickup, lost BOL, or late delivery, fear of trucker ghosts pale in comparison to worries about risking your reputation of excellent customer service and reliability.

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