Behind the Wheel with Danny Lopez

Mothership partner drivers aren’t afraid of challenges. Trucking for them isn’t just a living, it’s a way of life. They’re entrepreneurs at heart and are proud to be a force in a vital industry. They choose to partner with Mothership so they have the freedom to accept only the jobs that make sense for their business as they work to build their ideal lifestyle.

Peter Prior
Oct 8, 2019 · 5 min read

Why We Started Behind the Wheel

At Mothership we strive to give partner drivers (owner-operators we partner with) the quality of life to support their dreams of starting a business, owning a home, sending their children to college, and spending more time with family and friends. We help them plan each day by showing them nearby loads ready to be picked up, which in turn reduces downtime and deadhead miles.

The platform also fully digitizes paperwork like BOLs and streamlines the payment process from 30-day invoices to same-day payments through direct deposit. This puts more money in driver’s pockets with every mile driven and gives them more time to spend how they please, whether that’s taking on more jobs or driving home early to spend quality time with their family.

These goals are critical parts of their amazing personal stories that are too commonly are left untold. We decided to showcase these drivers with the Behind the Wheel series to share an inside look at what trucking is all about.

Get Behind the Wheel with Danny

We sat down Danny Lopez, a family-oriented Los Angeles native. He shared how shifts in the trucking career he’s been building since age 19 have shaped his quality of life and how Mothership helps him work toward his goals.

M: Hey Danny! How’s your day going?

D: Good! It’s a Monday, usually on slow side, but still really happy with the number of freight pickups today.

M: How many deliveries do you make each day?

D: I normally do about ten deliveries each day with Mothership. That’s usually a lot, but I’m used to it.

M: That’s a lot of deliveries. How did you get to that point?

D: Mothership keeps me busy! Using the app is really easy. I’ve been using the application for a little over a year now.

M: How does the Mothership app help you each day?

D: It’s nice knowing I’ll have work the next day and what it’s going to be — I always get that with the the Mothership app. The app lines up my deliveries on great routes usually the night before. It makes planning my day easier.

M: How long have you been driving professionally?

D: I’ve been driving since I was 19. My first job as a driver was with a carrier as a full-time driver. I worked in their warehouse starting at 17, but after two years they gave me the opportunity to drive. After another four years, I started driving for another company in downtown Los Angeles and spent 11 years moving freight both locally and to Miami.

M: How was driving before Mothership?

D: I was driving 53-foot trucks across the country. I was working 24/7. My days would start at 6:00 am and finish at 11:00 pm most days. I spent my days driving, sending paperwork to brokers in Miami, while trying to plan work for the next day. I really had no life.

M: That sounds difficult! What did you feel needed to change?

D: I was working so much, I had to completely rely on my girlfriend and my family to help keep my life together. I barely even had time to sleep. It was too much. But I still loved driving — I like being outside and being out on the streets. It’s always interesting to see new places and meet different people. I always wanted to buy a truck so I could be my own boss. Eventually I left my job and bought my truck, and thankfully my ex-boss was supportive!

M: What changed for you after you started your own trucking business to make things easier?

D: For a long time I was working for one person who was only giving me work once or twice a week. It was really hard for a while. I took a chance when I purchased my truck because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pay it off.

Luckily one of my stepbrothers told me about Mothership. I downloaded the application, and at first, I was keeping up my other jobs. But now I work only with Mothership. I don’t drive for anyone else because Mothership is the only one helping me accomplish my goals!

M: What are your goals? Do you feel like you’re accomplishing them now?

D: I knew I wanted to stay local and earn more money running my own operation. It was really exciting when I finally did get my own truck. I knew it was going to be hard in the beginning, but it’s been easier lately with Mothership consistently sending me local jobs and giving me more free time. Now I’m saving up so I can buy a house and fully support my family. I want to be ready for anything.

M: What do you do with the free time you have now?

D: I love playing soccer and watching sports. I play in a soccer league on Mondays, so I usually accept my last job around 5pm so I can make it to my games on time. Mothership gives me the freedom to work when I want.

M: What are your plans for the future of your business?

D: With the extra income from Mothership, I’d like to get another truck soon and keep growing my business.

M: That’s great, good luck! How do you feel being a partner driver for Mothership?

D: Partnering with Mothership and getting consistent work makes me so happy. I can give back to my family, plan for the future, spend more time taking care of myself, and even have free time to just do what I love.

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The future of freight is same day

Peter Prior

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Director of Marketing at Mothership

Official Mothership Blog

The future of freight is same day

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