The Official Freight Guide for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Have you planned your freight shipments for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here’s everything you need to know to finish out Q4 strong.

Nov 19, 2019 · 4 min read

Every year on Black Friday, consumer demand for goods skyrockets. Some stores opt to open late on Thanksgiving Day to help meet customer desire for products. Cyber Monday made its debut in 2005 once e-commerce took off, and remains one of the most popular shopping days of the year. But before products even hit the stores, the logistics industry must overcome a number of unique challenges to keep bargain hunters happy during the holiday season.

Is your business prepared to handle the Q4 shopping rush? Planning around changing freight capacities, freight rates, and delivery interruptions is tough, but Mothership is here to make things easy. We’ve put together a guide to help you celebrate a successful Q4 free from freight-related anxiety!

4 Freight Planning Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

1. Be flexible.

When timelines are tight, businesses turn to Mothership to handle freight shipments. Gone are the days of spending hours or days negotiating rates with brokers via email or phone — with Mothership you can quote online instantly, book on-demand, and get same-day service in local zones.

2. Follow the weather.

Hurricane season in the Gulf, Atlantic, and Southeast markets has been extending beyond the regular season for five consecutive years now, with warnings into December. Likewise, fast-moving winter storms can close passes through the Rocky Mountains and bring the Northeast and Midwest markets to a stand still. That’s why Mothership sends our partner carriers suggested routes that take real-time traffic and weather data into account, helping drivers make the safest possible choices to complete deliveries on time.

3. Partner with a provider.

Our partner drivers do all local zone and FTL shipments, making them eligible for on-demand booking and same-day pickup for tight timelines. And we partner with the most reliable LTL carriers in the country to handle shipments outside of our local zones.

4. Reorganize your supply chain.

Although delays can happen in the midst of a busy Q4, knowing how to mitigate these common challenges will make it easier to ensure successful deliveries. And remember, when you ship with Mothership you’ll have real-time freight tracking, down-to-the-second shipment updates, and 24/7 support for extra peace-of-mind.

Mothership wishes you a happy holiday season and a smooth and successful fourth quarter! To find out how our technology can support your logistics needs, please request a Mothership demo.

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