Announcing Proof-of-Care: A Token Distribution for Community Outreach

What is Proof-of-Care?

We would never be here without our beloved community.

Proof-of-Care is a fair and transparent community outreach effort to reward the community for spreading the word for us. We believe Proof-of-Care is the best mechanism for inclusive engagement.

Many of you have emailed, messaged and wrote us personal notes of gratitude and feedback on how you think the project can further improve. We are truly indebted for such a genuine Rate3 community; and this prompted us to think further about how the community can help us further.

One example that touched our hearts:

(Source: official Rate3 Telegram community)

Show the love and spread the word for us by sharing about us. It can be on your social media channels, a quick YouTube video or podcast, a forum post, Medium reviews, a project analysis or any other creative ways! (And we will show our gratitude in awarding RTE tokens!)

We want to build a genuine community with your help! So, anything — be as creative, original, authentic as possible — will help!

Rate3 wants to unify the global e-commerce ecosystem. The more participants we have, the more valuable this ecosystem would be for everyone.

Why are we doing this?

Most importantly, we are building the future of payment without borders: one that is owned by the people. It’s only fair we do everything together alongside this journey.


  • Exceptional individuals have been helping us to spread the word and we want to reward their efforts;
  • We are solving a very, very big challenge and we want to get the word out to as many people as possible;
  • By having the community give us reviews and feedback, we are tapping on the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of the community

Here’s How It Works

It’s really simple in 3 simple steps!

  1. Share the Love: share about Rate3 (RTE) on your social channels, review Rate3 (RTE), do a video or podcast, post in your communities or Reddit.
  2. Show the Proof: access this simple form and fill in your details, proof of care.
  3. Enjoy the Rewards: we will send you RTE tokens according to how original, authentic and popular your proof-of-care are!

You can upload as many proofs-of-care as you want during this period and we will review all the various proofs.

How Is My Proof-of-Care Score Calculated?

You can achieve Proof-of-Care by demonstrating how you have understood the mission and objectives of Rate3 Network, and showing us that you care.

The amount of token allocation you will receive depends on your Proof-of-Care score. Some factors that influence your score are:

  1. Effort
  2. Quality
  3. Exposure
  4. Creativity
  5. Originality

The team will manually review and vet all submissions. We welcome submissions in any creative form, as long as it is relevant to the Rate3 (RTE) story. Here are some guidelines and examples:

Your Level of Support

1–5 points
Shares via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Follows on @OffiicalRate3 and @Akujk Twitter accounts.

3–10 points
Comments on mainstream media

5–50 points
Articles, reviews, media published on Medium, Reddit, Bitcointalk, etc.

10–250 points
Influencer campaigns on social media (YouTube, Twitter), ICO Review Sites

What are the factors that will influence my Proof-of-Care score?

1–5 points
Shares via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and following @OfficialRate3 and @Akujk Twitter accounts

Some factors which will influence your score are:
- Outreach
- Accuracy of content

We would like the community to share your insights about Rate3 Network and generate interest and exposure for our project. This could include discussing Rate3’s mission to power the global e-commerce system.

3–10 points
Articles published on mainstream media

Some factors which will influence your score are:
- Impact
- Outreach

We will appreciate any effort which goes into connecting us to interest groups who can accelerate our mission in creating a global e-commerce ecosystem. We will reward the participants who have made the effort to tweet, mention or simply connect us to interested parties, such as merchants, financial institutions, consumers and any others.

5–50 points
Articles, reviews, media published on Reddit, Bitcointalk, etc.

Some factors which will influence your score are:
- Type of audience
- Quality and accuracy of content

We’d like you to show your support for Rate3 Network by contributing your research, thoughts and opinions for our project. You can show your support by writing a blog post and posting it on Reddit, Steemit, Quora or the Bitcointalk forums. We will be rewarding this allocation by the quality and accuracy of your content.

10–250 points
Influencer campaigns on social media, ICO Review Sites, etc.

Some factors which will influence your score are:
- Type of Audience
- Quality of the video or post
- Outreach potential

We do believe that social media and the influencer economy have the power to spread the word about our project. We will be rewarding our token allocation to the various influencers on YouTube and Twitter, Community Group Admins, ICO Review Sites, etc. based on factors such as the type of audience and the quality of the review and discussion.

Do note that the scores are cumulative — you can send in as many entries as you want to get a final score!

Please give us the links for your social media posts, Medium article reviews, YouTube videos and so forth when you submit.

What are the Rewards for Proof-of-Care?

Rate3 GOLD: > 100 points, 1500 RTE tokens

Rate3 SILVER: 10–100 points, 400 RTE tokens

Rate3 BRONZE: 1–9 points, 100 RTE tokens

We will be manually reviewing and scoring all submissions. The team has the ultimate discretion in awarding the points.

The quantity and quality of your proof-of-care add up —do your best and you will be rewarded!

What are some good examples of Proof-of-Care?

Submit here:


Q: How is this different from an airdrop campaign?

A traditional airdrop campaign often does not show genuine effort. We want to build a genuine community, so a proof-of-care is better!

Q: Why is there a range of scores, and not an exact score?

We do not want to judge the quantity alone, but quality as well. Rest assured, we will gauge each proof-of-care based on its originality, creativity, authenticity and outreach.

Q: Why are only links accepted for Proof-of-Care submissions?

We want to make sure all Proof-of-Care submissions are live. If it is only an image submission, the actual proof can be deleted easily.

Q: When does this Proof-of-Care end?

This Proof-of-Care will end on 30 April 2018. However, depending on the response, we might extend it.

Q: When will I know my final score?

Multiple entries will be tagged to your Telegram handle and the scores of all your entries will be summed up to give you a cumulative score at the end of the campaign.

Q: How do I get rewarded?

Remember to submit your proof-of-care here, before 30 April 2018. Make sure you input an Ethereum address where you have access to the private keys. This means your own personal wallet (MEW, ledger etc.) and not any exchange wallet.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to join in the discussion in our Telegram community.

We can’t thank all of you enough.

Learn more at: