Proof-of-Care has ended!

We would like to thank all our supporters who have helped share the love for our Proof-of Care within this month!

We’ve received over 300 submissions that are incredibly thoughtful, sincere and creative. Reviewing all of them — be it Medium article analysis, YouTube videos, retweets and shares — has been an extremely enlightening experience. The submissions made us think back and reflect upon the Rate3 project.

The submissions’ details are as follow:

Above is the breakdown for all submissions from our Rate3 carers:

Top 3 Countries are: Singapore (26.2%), Indonesia (19.4%) & Russia (14.7%)

Medal Allocation: Gold (5%), Silver (20%), Bronze (75%).

How much RTE tokens will I receive?

  • Gold: 1500 RTE tokens
  • Silver: 400 RTE tokens
  • Bronze: 100 RTE tokens.

How do I get notified which tier I have received?

Please check your email inbox, for the email address you registered under the Proof-of-Care campaign.

If you cannot find it, please contact

When and how do I receive my RTE tokens?

You will receive the RTE tokens at the end of the token sale, and it will be airdropped directly to your registered ETH address.

Please join our Telegram announcement channels ( to get the latest updates.

About Rate3

Rate3 is a decentralised dual protocol for cross-chain asset tokenization and identity management. The Rate3 Tokenization Protocol is an end-to-end protocol for tokenization on both Ethereum and Stellar, while the Rate3 Identity Protocol is a protocol to create and manage a unified cross-chain identity.