Q1 2019 Rate3 Roadmap — Update

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One of the areas which we strove to improve on in recent times has been on making our communications with the community clearer. This includes aspects like the positioning of Rate3, our value proposition, and where Rate3 lies within the “tech stack” for our sector. As with almost any other sector in crypto, there is also a lot of ‘noise’ within the space which we are operating as well. It was with all these in mind which we decided that it was essential to come up with our 2019 Rate3 Manifesto:

In the midst of working on this over the past month, we made a decision to revise our roadmap to account for the various changes which have happened till date. For example, the earlier roadmap didn’t factor in the partnership developments with IOST and the consequent effort which that entailed.

This revision was also made with our added emphasis on focus going forward; that is, to double-down on our key strategic goals for 2019 — in particular developments that are protocol-centric in nature — which would potentially enable us to prioritize the launch of our mainnet release before the end of 2019.

Without further ado, we present you with the updated 2019 Rate3 Roadmap.

2019 Rate3 Development Roadmap

Q3 2018 Release (Completed)

Q4 2018: Genesis Release (Completed)

  • Released second Identity Management (Attestation and Claims Interface) MVP (Explainer | MVP link | Github)
  • Custom-built a Tokenization Interface Application for our trust partner (web app to manage asset token purchases & redemptions)
  • Closed beta launch of SGDR — Singapore dollar-backed stablecoin. First asset to be tokenized via our Rate3 protocol

Q1 2019: Nebula Release (Completed)

  • Released Rate3 Cross-Chain Swaps MVP for Ethereum and Stellar testnets (Explainer | MVP link | Github)
  • Establish Rate3 Network as a strategic partner and Servi Node validator of the IOST ecosystem
  • Launched IOST iStablecoin product on Mainnet — a cross-chain swap service between Ethereum and IOST blockchains (Explainer | Mainnet link | Github)
  • Supporting iStablecoin integrations with pioneering IOST gaming Dapps

Q2 2019: Protostar Release

  • Continue to support more IOST Dapps with integrations with our cross-chain stablecoin (IOST iStablecoin)
  • Conduct large-scale mass marketing jointly with the IOST team for greater iStablecoin adoption and usage
  • Consolidating and packaging of Rate3 Protocol modules (cross-chain, tokenization & identity management) for use by more Dapp developers
  • Implement improvements to our protocol based on developer feedback

Q3 2019: Fusion Release

  • Release Cross-chain Identities MVP — allows users to have their Rate3 Identities be usable across applications on Ethereum along with IOST (or Stellar) testnets
  • Begin enhancements to enable full “trilateral” cross-chain swap interoperability across Ethereum, Stellar and IOST mainnets (from current “bilateral” swaps between two blockchains)
  • Support development of Dapps using our cross-chain swaps and identity management modules across Ethereum and IOST
  • We should have a few stakeholders using our protocol. Further evangelism efforts towards more developers to experiment with their own Proof-of-Concepts or Dapps with the integrated Rate3 protocol

Q4 2019 & Beyond: Rate3 Protocol Mainnet Release

  • Continue with final Rate3 protocol enhancements (we are one step away from being production-ready!)
  • Achieve full “trilateral” cross-chain swap interoperability across Ethereum, Stellar and IOST
  • Launch Sigma V1.0 Mainnet before the end of Q1 2020 (we may be able to bring forward our mainnet launch due to our revised roadmap focus)
  • Begin expansion of number of blockchains (from three) for integration with Rate3 cross-chain swaps

Ecosystem Support

While being protocol-centric with our focus, we will still directly support Dapp development around our protocol ecosystem for key initiatives that will aid adoption. The following are some examples of Dapps which we’ll be keen to bootstrap with partners:

  • A Metamask-like Chrome extension wallet to manage tokens across supported Rate3 protocol blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Stellar and IOST)
  • A cross-chain exchange for tokenized assets (e.g. allowing for the trading of IOST tokens on Stellar’s DEX)
  • Cross-chain Rate3 protocol block explorers to view all events triggered by Rate3 protocol smart contracts across supported blockchains

We’ve also decided to keep the development roadmap for Rate’s other affiliated business units separate from Rate3 Network’s roadmap to avoid any possible confusion around what the latter is attempting to accomplish. The branding and marketing will also be kept distinct. This affiliation will ultimately allow for synergies to be enjoyed from future integrations with each other.

About Rate3

Rate3 is a decentralised dual protocol for cross-chain asset tokenization and identity management. The Rate3 Tokenization Protocol is an end-to-end protocol for tokenization on both Ethereum and Stellar, while the Rate3 Identity Protocol is a protocol to create and manage a unified cross-chain identity.

Website: https://rate3.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialrate3

Telegram: https://t.me/officialrate3