[Progress Update] SmartDec — Rate3’s Smart Contract Audit Partner

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This time, we are introducing our smart contract audit partner, to ensure that the entire token sale process is smooth and seamless.

We are concluding our audit really soon and will post the audit report in public, in accordance with our policy of full transparency and disclosure.

More about SmartDec

SmartDec works in application security since 2009. Their leads have more than fifteen years’ experience in decompilation and security analysis and hold PhDs in these areas.

They work in collaboration with the biggest russian security integrators, and provide security audits for the largest russian banks, telecom and retail companies. Since 2013 they have been developing enterprise static code analyzer for such languages as java, python, php, C#, js, ruby and others. The team itself consists of 25 people, about 10 analysts, 10 developers and 5 managers.

Since the beginning of 2017 SmartDec develops the direction of blockchain security. Furthermore, they have developed our own static code analyzer for Solidity called SmartCheck and are already using it in our research: https://tool.smartdec.net/

They provide high-quality security audit service, both for smart contracts, backend, and front-end of any platform and integration between them.

Past Clients

Up to now, SmartDec has successfully completed 50+ security audits on smart contracts and 50+ security audits on web and mobile apps for remote banking systems. Public examples of their work can be found here: https://blog.smartdec.net/

Some of their clients include:

Some selected smart contract audits include:

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