If Alex Colon Quotes Were In Motivational Posters

You ever meet someone so inspiring that you go back and reevaluate your entire life? No? Well then let me introduce you to someone.

Meet Brother Alex Colon, Florida International ’17, known by many as AC Major, the Mechanic of Music.

This is a brother, or even just the person, we should all strive to be.

Before SigEp, before college even, Alex had already produced two albums in high school. It wasn’t until after he graduated that he started to develop a interest in the engineering of music or the “how-to” behind the music we hear daily.

Before you know it, Alex had taken an abandoned area of his hometown and turned it into a recording studio with his friends where he learned and developed his skills producing music with artists he recruited to help all while interning at Atlantic Records and Lounge Studios in Manhattan, NY.

Unfortunately, due to partnership difficulties, the recording studio didn’t stay open, but it didn’t stop Alex from heading to Harrisburg Area Community College where he got his associates in Music Business.

Soon after, Alex continued his education at Florida International where all of his roommates turned out to be in fraternities around campus and so in an effort to meet new people and get involved on campus, Alex sought out which fraternity he should join.

Two stuck out to him the most. Sigma Phi Epsilon was one of them.

Alex became of brother of SigEp in the fall of 2015 and since then has been Vice President of Communications and one of the university’s most sought after DJ’s.

Who does Alex blame for this jump in fame? His brothers of course.

It wasn’t just the increase of chatter that helped AC with his music, Alex says a few of his brothers (S/O to Alejandro) brought out a new side of his music that he didn’t really understand before.

“My dad tried to teach me Spanish when I was younger but I never caught on. My brothers helped me understand the Latin culture a lot better and it helped make my beats more Spanish”.

Now we all sort of know that the music industry is a tough one to get into. Alex knows this very well. Even though our brother isn’t performing next to Miley or Kanye at the moment, AC Major is going to keep focusing on his music and his education and he hopes any brother who is pursuing a career in music to keep going too.

Now you may go and reevaluate.

See what Alex is up to!

Hear what Alex is making in the studio!

Check out Alex’s artist account on Instagram and Soundcloud

Thank you to Curtis Gant for the amazing photos.

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